The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107: We Should Let Them Have Some Fun

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He only had Mu Yun and Mu Lei by his side to escort him. Moreover, Wu Wuyan was there with him, too. It was inconvenient for him to go anywhere else.

The Great Lord had brought over a hundred elites along to plot against Di Fuyi in secret. They should be arriving anytime now. By that time, Di Fuyi could hardly look after himself, let alone Long Siye. Long Fan was contented with the possible outcomes.

He had quite a lot of followers along with him this time, about 30 to 40 of them. After doing the maths, he started to dispatch them with different missions until there were only ten followers at his disposal. The rest were ordered to return to the base.

The place was a base camp that he had spent a few decades to build. He could not afford the smallest mistake. He would only be relieved if there was sufficient security to guard the place.

"Elder, where should we go?" The ten followers were ready to receive their mission.

Long Fan took a look at the compass