The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109: She Had Guessed It Correctly

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Long Fan took a look around the teahouse and did not find anyone suspicious. He had finally regained his composure from his outrage earlier and did not want to make any mistakes again. Hence, he instructed his two followers to find Long Siye. He had a feeling that Long Siye was hiding among those who were fighting right now.

Gu Xijiu was enjoying the view as though she was looking at a diorama. Yearning for more, she stood up unwillingly when the fight finally came to an end and murmured, "The fights of this era are no different than the ones on television. This town is boring!"

She left the teahouse and tried to hire a carriage at the inn. She asked the owner of the wagon, "Where is the closest and the most affluent city from here?"

The owner provided her with the name of the place, and she nodded. "Good, I will go there to have a look. I cannot wear this for no reason. It will be great to get acquainted with the customs of other lands." She then entered the carri