The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: Your Apology Is Futile

There was not the slightest trace of discrepancy in her words; Long Fan took a look at her and smiled. "The only thing he said was that you were the culprit who had left those marks behind on the trail... He was probably afraid of being captured and punished by me, which was why he sold you out to save himself. Otherwise, I wouldn't have found you that fast."

Gu Xijiu tightened her grip. "Despicable!"

Long Fan had shown up to provoke her to go against Long Siye... What an execrable heart!

Long Fan thought that she was condemning Long Siye, so he chuckled. "Truly despicable!"

Her spiritual power was now at level six; meanwhile, Long Fan's was level ten. Though it was only a difference of four levels, the gap between their power was hypothetically comparable to the distance between Heaven and Earth. Gu Xijiu did not have the skills to confront him at all, so it was no surprise that she would fall into Long Fan's hands again.

Long Fan feared that she might have some tricks up her sleeve, so he sealed her acupoints as a precaution, rendering her utterly incapable of moving. She was only capable of speaking. He then felt a sense of relief having restrained her.

He was unafraid of Long Siye escaping as he had already made some arrangements; Long Siye would fall into his trap as soon as he returned to the hills at night.

The wagon was still advancing, except that one of Long Fan's men now steered it while he sat across her.

Gu Xijiu breathed lightly. "Are you going to bring me back to the underground palace?"

Long Fan stared at her eyes. "Xijiu, you've killed four of my henchmen this time, all of whom were masters. You must know how hard it is for me to train a master."

"My apologies." Gu Xijiu pursed her lips slightly.

"Your apology is futile." Long Fan's voice was tender. "Though you are considered as my daughter, you will still receive punishments for your mistakes. Otherwise, it would bring displeasure to everyone else, and you will never learn to be obedient…"

Though his voice was soft, the words he had just uttered were incomparably cruel. He fed Gu Xijiu a type of pill as soon as he had finished talking.

After a moment, the pill took its effect, and all the tendons and nerves in her body were immediately subjected to excruciating pain.

Long Fan just sat and watched as she writhed in pain. He saw that cold sweat was starting to break out across her face, yet she did not let out a single grunt and held the pain back with her firm resolve. Her teeth bit down on her lips till they bled.

Her agony persisted for approximately an hour before it finally subsided and vanished. Gu Xijiu's whole body remained drenched in cold sweat. When she closed her eyes slightly, even her eyelashes were wet.

Long Fan seemingly took out a handkerchief from out of nowhere and gently wiped the sweat from her face. His voice was impassive as he said, "Have you learned your lesson?"

The pill was a type of wonder pill and also one of the tools Long Fan used to subdue his henchmen. Once the pill had taken its effect, even a strong man would scream in anguish.

Gu Xijiu opened her eyes. Her pupils were dark, and there was not a single hint of tears in her eyes. She glanced at him before moving away.

Long Fan's heart trembled. His reason for erasing her memory in this lifetime was so that she would forget about Di Fuyi, and everything related to the mainland. She would then be nurtured by his side and would eventually become his right-hand woman. He wanted her to be loyal to him so that maybe one day she would fall in love with him like how she fell in love with Long Xi in the first place. Therefore, during their time in the underground palace, he had treated her quite well and even pampered her at times.

However, her pupils seemed to be filled with a slight hatred when he looked at her now. He felt a tugging sense of regret. He had always been a man with a cold heart. Therefore, his sense of grief was only temporary, and it soon disappeared.

"This pill is a special formula of mine. If you do not take the antidote promptly, the pill will take effect every day, and each time will be more painful than the last. Be obedient from now on, and I will give you the antidote." He threatened.