The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111: A Good Show

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Gu Xijiu quietly shut her eyes and ignored him.

Goddamnit, this felt almost like the Life-Death Talisman that Tongshan Tianlao used on her opponents to control the other denominations. How could anyone resist so much pain?

It looks like this lunatic is trying to control her the same way he controlled his henchmen. It was no wonder that each of them was so loyal.

Earlier on, she had mentally prepared herself to bear the consequence of being punished by Long Fan if she ever got captured. She would let him bask in delight now, and take revenge on him someday in the future! She would make him suffer ten times worse than what she was experiencing now. Long Fan, just you wait!

Naturally, Long Fan did not know what was going on in her mind. He talked to her again and tried to test her memory, but to his dismay, Gu Xijiu shut her mouth and gave him the silent treatment. She did not utter a single word to him.

His verbosity had not won him a single response from