The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113: You Will In The Future

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The waiter quickly helped to ease the conflict. "How is that possible? This young master is so kind and wouldn't be mad at you. Old folks are always like this, calm down. Master, there's a changing room downstairs. Shall I bring you to the room so that you can clean yourself?"

Long Fan was drenched and felt that he needed a shower. However, he was also a very cautious person and did not want to leave Gu Xijiu alone even for a second. Hence, he used a cleaning spell to clean himself. There was a flash of light, and soon enough he was clean again.

Only practitioners with a level eight spiritual power could use the cleaning spell. Though the city was relatively big, there were not many expert practitioners. Therefore, the waiter was shocked as only a few people could perform the cleaning spell and he had been lucky enough to meet one.

Long Fan narrowed his eyes while his hand pressed on the waiter's shoulder. "Thank you."

The waiter's face turned pale, and he sl