The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114: Precautions

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Gu Xijiu paused and continued, "Is this why you clone humans?"

"Cloning is one of my passions. What I want most is to modify their genes to produce smarter people"

F*ck! What kind of madman is he!?

He sounded like he wanted to be the one who ruled the world. He wanted to be a God who created human beings!

A mad scientist was not scary, but a mad scientist who was also a psychopath was horrible! The apocalypse would come to pass once he was allowed to rule the world! While Mo Zhao might not be that difficult to deal with, Long Fan was a true demon.

Gu Xijiu ignored him and continued looking around. Long Fan pondered as he looked at her. He suddenly regretted that he had not removed all of her memories. Otherwise, she would have turned out like a newborn baby with no memory and mature according to his plan instead of becoming an opinionated girl who always went against him.

He decided to find a solution that would secretly remove all her memories w