The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117: Come Over Here

Gu Xijiu used to be a very observant assassin. She had a pair of sharp eyes and was shocked when she paid closer attention to everyone around her. She noticed Mo Zhao's subordinates! None of his aides had disguised themselves as they rarely left the underground palace. Thus, they only changed their appearance by wearing ordinary clothes.

Some were dressed as hawkers; some pretended to be beggars. There were even some of them who acted as buff men and were chit-chatting around the corner. Even though they looked like they were going about minding their own business, they occasionally took a glimpse of the restaurant where Di Fuyi was dining. Though they acted naturally and it looked like nothing was wrong, they had, in fact, sealed all the possible exits to stop Di Fuyi from escaping.

Gu Xijiu's eyes were wandering around everywhere. Where was Mo Zhao? How was he going to make his entry? She was annoyed and worried at the same time. She knew that Di Fuyi was smart so he must have some backup nearby. Nevertheless, she was still concerned as she did not see anyone familiar from Di Fuyi's side.

It was as though a rainstorm was coming. Even though the surroundings were quiet as usual, a war was waiting to be triggered!

"Did you see something?" Long Fan suddenly asked from behind.

Gu Xijiu did not bother to turn around, but her mouth opened slightly. Her voice was too soft, and Long Fan could not hear her. "What did you say?"

"Long Fan, what kind of show are you trying to make me watch? Why does it take so long?" Even though Gu Xijiu was shouting at him, her voice came out rather polite. However, even though her voice was somewhat soft, everyone in the restaurant had heard it.

In fact, she was hoping that Di Fuyi could hear her too. She prayed that he had listened to what she just said. She was about to shout again when Long Fan placed his palm on her back. "I'll kill you if you shout again!"

"What the h*ck, you were the one who said that you couldn't hear what I said." Gu Xijiu was upset.

While they were arguing, someone knocked on the door, and a waiter came into the room with a lady after seeking for Long Fan's approval. The waiter asked with a sweet smile on his face, "Sir, do you want to listen to some lute music? This our famous lute player and she can play the lute very well…"

It was very common for artists to market themselves in restaurants during that era. Hence, Long Fan was not too bothered about it. However, he was about to reject it as he did not want any interruption. However, Gu Xijiu quickly said, "My dear grandson, since your grandfather did not get to watch the show, he would like to listen to the lute."

Though her voice was soft, the waiter could hear Gu Xijiu's reply as he was quite close to her. He immediately smiled and thanked them, "Old master, this lady can play the lute very well."

Since his grandfather had voiced out, Long Fan could not disobey. He then observed the lady. The lady was wearing a simple dress, and she was rather clean looking. She had nice body features and fair skin as well as long hair which reached her waist. She was standing there with a lute in her arms, and her gestures were undoubtedly elegant!

Long Fan said, "Come over here and show me your lute."

The lady stepped forward and suddenly fell into Long Fan's arm as she accidentally tripped.

Fortunately, Long Fan was able to catch her in time. "That is so careless of you." He took hold of her lute as she tried to stabilize herself.

Gu Xijiu sniggered as she knew that Long Fan was the one who had caused her to trip. Perhaps, he wanted to test her Kung Fu!