The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118: Who Has Been Tricked?

The lady was only using a normal lute. Hence, there were no special mechanisms inside the lute. Long Fan also discovered that the lady only had a spiritual power of about level two as he was able to verify it when he caught her. She was not a threat to him based on her spiritual power. Therefore, he decided to let her stay.

In fact, he was a fan of arts and music as he used to listen to a few plays and classical music when he was in the modern era. However, he had become too obsessed with the scientific studies in this era to continue his hobby. Though most of his subordinates were very good in martial arts, none were good at music. Therefore, he missed listening to music as he had not listened to any in a very long time. He asked, "What music can you play?"

The lady bowed and listed a few famous song titles from this era. Long Fan simply picked one at random. The lady then sat down on a bench and began to play her lute.

Gu Xijiu was amazed as she immediately knew that the lady was an expert after she had played for only a few seconds! The notes were lingering around her fingers, and the melody felt like flowing spring water which was able to refresh a person's mind and heart. One would feel as though they were entering a chilly forest from a desert after listening to her music.

Gu Xijiu personally thought it was even better than the ones she had listened to when she was in the modern world. Perhaps, only the angels in heaven were given a chance to hear such fantastic music. She considered herself lucky to find someone who could play such a legendary piece of music.

Initially, Long Fan had only given her a chance because he was bored of waiting for the show to start. However, he was now captivated by her music even before she had finished playing her first song.

Initially, he was still upset and doubtful, but now he was very happy with it. Even his subordinates were enjoying the music to the extent that they did not even dare to cough once as they were worried that they might ruin the lovely melody.

Gu Xijiu's gaze fell on her fingers which were playing the lute. Her fingers were very elegant, but they were slightly bigger than usual. Gu Xijiu then moved her gaze to the musician's hands and realized that the music she played sounded more interesting when it was coupled with the collision between her two bangles. It was common for a lady to have a slightly bigger pair of hands. However, Gu Xijiu felt it looked very familiar to her, but she could not recall where she had seen it before.

She had a few female friends with big hands, but their sizes were incomparable to the pair in front of her. Long Fan was very observant. Although he did not say anything, he was carefully watching the lady as he was worried she might be one of Di Fuyi's spies. However, since she was generally well-behaved and did not look suspicious, he suspected that he might be overthinking. The lady did not do anything even after playing two songs.

Finally, she was done playing the lute. Long Fan rewarded her with a big ingot as he wanted her to play another song. He was very generous as the ingot was very heavy. It was a considerable amount to pay an artist!

The lady's eyes were sparkling, but she did not accept the ingot. She pursed her lips and suddenly knelt in front of Gu Xijiu. "Thank you old master and sir, Tiange (the lute player) appreciates your admiration of her talent. My apologies but could you save my life?"

Gu Xijiu was shocked, and Long Fan frowned. "What happened?"

The lady slowly explained while facing downwards. "A rich man in town wanted to marry me as his mistress. I can't disobey him even though I don't want to marry him and this is making my life miserable…"