The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Ill Teach You a Lesson!

Gu Xixi was stunned. She glared at Gu Xijiu and said, "What do you mean, Miss Gu? How could you just accuse me as a fake Tianwen Saint!?"

"Who knows?" Gu Xijiu replied emotionlessly. She whispered, "Well, we have only heard of the name of a Tianwen Saint, but no one has ever met her in person. And your medical knowledge is really" She flashed an evil smile and continued, "Horrendously poor"

The word horrendously poor' had shocked everyone. No one could believe that someone had dared to insult the Tianwen Saint with such a disrespectful word.

Most of the them had a shocked expression plastered across their faces. They even thought Gu Xijiu had certain mental disorder.

Although Gu Xietian was not happy with the way Gu Xixi spoke, he was worried for Gu Xijiu and quickly stopped her, "Xijiu! Stop talking!"

He then quickly apologized, "Tianwen Saint, please forgive her, shes still young"

Gu Xixis face turned green with anger, as that was the first time someone had doubted her medical knowledge, and even found her identity suspicious!

She would have slapped Gu Xijiu in the face, had she not been a little girl.

However, when she heard the apology from Gu Xietian, she tried her best to suppress her boiling blood and said calmly, "I wouldnt take take this little kid seriously."

Right after she finished her sentence, Gu Xijiu asked again, "Are you really the Tianwen Saint?"

Gu Xixji answered angrily, "Of course!"

Rong Chu intended to back her up and said, "Ive met her a few times; I can be her witness." He then looked at Gu Xijiu for a short while.

He was obsessed with her appearance. He was annoyed by the red birthmark on Gu Xijius face and he had never been nice to ugly people. He was upset and said, "Miss Gu, are you mad just because the Tianwen Saint told you that there was no cure for your birthmark? Thus, you felt compelled to say something mean? Its not a big deal if youre ugly, but if your attitude is just as bad, how could you be part of the royal family in the future?"

What he just said was a really nasty thing to say!

Rong Jialuo was sipping tea from the teacup in his hand. He then slammed the teacup loudly on the table right after Rong Chu had finished talking.

"Youre a prince, Rong Chu. Watch your mouth!"

Rong Chu frowned and looked at Rong Jialuo, "Brother, thats so kind of you. However, did I say something wrong? She is ugly and useless. It was already difficult for Rong Yan to marry her, and now that she's being difficult, whats wrong with me teaching her a lesson?"

Rong Chu used to be pampered since he was young, and grew up to become very arrogant.

Besides, he was qualified to compete for the throne, hence, he really cared what the crown prince had said, but he was just putting on a show in front of everyone.

Rong Jialuo glared at him with a cold and fierce gaze. Rong Chu was shocked and felt that his elder brother was being different from his usual self. He had finally stopped talking.

While fiddling with the teacup while talking to Gu Xijiu, Ring Jialuo said "Miss Gu must have had her own perspective. Dont you think its too early to deny her speculation, before you listen to what she has to say?"

"She is just mad with the fact that there is no cure for her birthmark. What other reason can she give?" Rong Chu was upset and stared at Gu Xijiu, "Fine! What evidence do you have, for you to accuse the Tianwen Saint? If you can't prove your claims clearly, I'll definitely teach you a lesson!"