The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121: Who Has Been Tricked? (4)

When Gu Xijiu smelled the unique fragrance earlier, her heart almost pumped out of her chest in shock! She even had to try so hard to suppress her excitement!

Of course, she also doubted it at first. Hence, she had intentionally fallen onto Di Fuyi earlier and bit his face so that she could verify that it was his fragrance.

Meanwhile, one of Di Fuyi's fingers was placed under her abdomen when she fell and he quickly pressed against her abdomen. He pressed hard against her abdomen three times and then twice lightly, which was the secret code they had agreed upon before.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu was sure, and she was so surprised as she thought that he had been eating at the restaurant across the street a while ago and was nowhere near her!

Gu Xijiu knew Di Fuyi liked disguising himself, but she had not expected to see him turn himself into a lady! In fact, he was a beautiful lady who was even more feminine looking than Gu Xijiu!

Gu Xijiu was once again amazed by him! She had thousands of questions to ask him, but there was no way for her to speak or even to use her directed audio. She was smart and remembered that she had taught Di Fuyi about Morse Code before during their free time.

She was too bored during that time and had created a series of special codes which only the two of them understood. Therefore, she took the opportunity to tap his palm and communicated with him when she fell earlier.

It was also the reason why Di Fuyi began to massage her back. The force he used was just right, and Gu Xijiu enjoyed it very much. Gu Xijiu placed her hands on her lap and closed her eyes as his massages relieved her pain. She also used that opportunity to tap her fingers to signal Di Fuyi and to also pretend as though she was singing a song in her heart. 

Both of them were finally able to talk to each other this way. Gu Xijiu quickly told him the most important message, "The Omen is going to attack you here!"

Di Fuyi replied, "Yes, I know. I've everything well prepared, and I'm waiting for him."

Gu Xijiu continued, "Many of his people are hiding in the area, and there are a total of 129 of them. More than ten of them possess a spiritual power of level eight, and the rest are all above level six."

Di Fuyi replied, "It seems like he had invested quite a lot to defeat me. I am so proud of it!"

Gu Xijiu paused and continued, "How many people do we have?"

Di Fuyi replied, "Don't worry, we have a good team. I'll save you and will never allow you to be put in a dangerous situation ever again!"

Gu Xijiu asked, "Are you confident about killing the Omen this time?"

Di Fuyi paused for a second and then continued, "I've yet to recover fully, so it's impossible to kill him now, but I can severely injure him."

Was he only able to severely injure him? It would seem like a wasted effort if the Omen were to come back again...

Gu Xijiu asked, "So are you going to attack them here? This area is very crowded, and there are too many innocent people around…"

Di Fuyi replied, "I didn't expect them to bring you along. My initial plan was to sneak into his base camp to find you and then kill him. But since I've found you, I need to change my plan…"

"No, wait!" Gu Xijiu added, "Let's go into his base camp, it's under the volcano. You will not be able to enter without their special vehicles. However, be wary that there're a few hundred people in his quarters!"

"But you…"

"I'll be fine; he wouldn't hurt me. Just stick to your original plan. By the way, what is your original plan?"

"My plan is… Gosh! They've taken action earlier than I thought!"