The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121: Who Has Been Tricked? (4)

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When Gu Xijiu smelled the unique fragrance earlier, her heart almost pumped out of her chest in shock! She even had to try so hard to suppress her excitement!

Of course, she also doubted it at first. Hence, she had intentionally fallen onto Di Fuyi earlier and bit his face so that she could verify that it was his fragrance.

Meanwhile, one of Di Fuyi's fingers was placed under her abdomen when she fell and he quickly pressed against her abdomen. He pressed hard against her abdomen three times and then twice lightly, which was the secret code they had agreed upon before.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu was sure, and she was so surprised as she thought that he had been eating at the restaurant across the street a while ago and was nowhere near her!

Gu Xijiu knew Di Fuyi liked disguising himself, but she had not expected to see him turn himself into a lady! In fact, he was a beautiful lady who was even more feminine looking than Gu Xijiu!

Gu Xijiu was once again amazed