The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: Who Has Been Tricked? (5)

Both of them heard loud screams coming from the room in the restaurant across the street. Gu Xijiu's heart sank, and she took a deep breath after noticing what was happening! It was chaos in that room.

"Gu Xijiu" could not sit properly and fell forward. "Di Fuyi" stretched his hands out to catch her, and she took the opportunity to stab Ying Yannuo as she slumped into his arms.

Blood gushed out like a geyser. Ying Yannuo's body trembled as he pushed "Gu Xijiu" away. "You..."

Ying Yannuo's subordinates had been asked to leave earlier. They quickly rushed back to the room when they heard the chaos. However, before they could reach the door, they were blocked by four waiters.

Of course, the four of them were not waiters but in fact Mo Zhao's subordinates. They were all quite good in martial arts and managed to block Mu Yun and Mu Lei, so the two of them were helpless.

Inside the room, Ying Yannuo was quick enough to take action even though he was still in a state of shock. He quickly responded by taking a step back as he attempted to try something. However, the vase behind him exploded, and green smoke rose from within it and turned into a human form. Mo Zhao! He raised his hand and launched a five-colored ray to engulf Ying Yannuo. Ying Yannuo's body trembled as he slumped to the floor. He had been poisoned! His face turned pale and slowly became darker.

"You..." Ying Yannuo raised his head and looked at "Gu Xijiu" as he could not believe what was happening.

"Gu Xijiu" took a step back as she pursed her lips and there were droplets of blood dripping down the blade she used earlier. Mo Zhao caught the blood with his fingers and smelled it. He smiled. He was able to identify one's true identity based on their blood.

He lowered his body and asked as he looked at Ying Yannuo, "How have you been, Celestial Master Zuo?"

Ying Yannuo struggled to keep his eyes open but asked a question, "Rong Che?!"

Mo Zhao smiled. "I didn't know that you would be able to recognize me! You're so smart! Anyway, Rong Che is just one of my aliases. It's not really who I am. Alright, I'll tell you my true identity since you're going to die soon. You must remember it though! I'm the Omen, and my name is Mo Zhao!"

Ying Yannuo switched his gaze to "Gu Xijiu". "Is she a fake?! Is she one of your subordinates? Is she the one who had revealed my whereabouts!?"

Mo Zhao sighed. "Celestial Master Zuo you are indeed a smart person, and you're right. However, you can't say that she is a fake. Her body is real, but her soul is not..."

Ying Yannuo's condition was deteriorating, but he still struggled to ask, "Where's the real Gu Xijiu!?"

"Be patient, you'll see her soon enough." Mo Zhao smiled and answered gently.


Gu Xijiu initially thought that there would be an intense battle. She never imagined it to end just like that.

"Di Fuyi" had been stabbed by "Gu Xijiu" in the restaurant, and he was in too critical a condition to escape as Mo Zhao caught him. Di Fuyi did not seem to have any backup nearby or a plan up his sleeve. In fact, he looked like he was deliberately delivering himself to Mo Zhao.

Mo Zhao had brought a hundred people along and also had everything well planned in case of an emergency. He had even come up with strategies for retreating if the event called for it. He had even gone so far as to study all the landscapes nearby to determine if there was a trap.

However, he realized that Di Fuyi had not set any trap for him, and even both of his subordinates were useless. At that moment, Mo Zhao felt that bringing along a team of over 100 people seemed to have been a waste of resources.

He was stunned as he could not believe it would be so easy.