The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123: Who Has Been Tricked? (6)

In his disbelief, all he could see was that "Di Fuyi" was indeed bleeding and poisoned. He knew that Wu Wuyan was very good at acting, and so it was not surprising that her plan had been successful.

Mo Zhao seemed to have overestimated Di Fuyi's intelligence. After all, he was still a human who could be blindsided by love. Everything was going as planned as both of Di Fuyi's subordinates were arrested by Mo Zhao along with a few other experts.


Three carriages with three regular flying lions flew across the sky.

Gu Xijiu was lying in one of the carriages while Mo Zhao was sitting on her left and Di Fuyi, who had camouflaged himself as the female lute player, was sitting on her right. Di Fuyi hid in the corner, and Mo Zhao did not even bother to look at him.

Long Fan told him about everything that had happened when he was out with Gu Xijiu as well as the incident with the lute player. Mo Zhao trusted Long Fan as he was a very cautious person. Hence, he was not bothered by the lute player. It was quite easy to negotiate with him right now as he was pleased that they had a fruitful trip. He was not even mad after learning that Gu Xijiu tried to escape while he was away and he even allowed her to stay in the same carriage as him.

Meanwhile, Long Fan was seated in another carriage with "Gu Xijiu" and "Di Fuyi". It is evident that he was severely injured and so Long Fan had to make sure that he survived. The Omen would need him shortly.

Both of Di Fuyi's followers were injured as well, and they had been placed in another carriage with someone else. Meanwhile, Mo Zhao's other subordinates were divided into a few batches just like when they came. They were asked to return separately to the headquarters to avoid attracting too much attention.

Long Fan seemed to have something on his mind as he told the lute player to follow Gu Xijiu even though Mo Zhao had insisted on seating in the same carriage with Gu Xijiu. Therefore, the three of them ended up in the same wagon.

Gu Xijiu was not given enough time to remove her disguise as they had left in a hurry, so she still looked like an old man. Though Mo Zhao liked her, he felt disgusted by the sight of her. However, he was polite as usual and played with his paper fan while he talked to Gu Xijiu. He would occasionally glance at the lute player but other than that he did not care too much about her.

Di Fuyi had always been a nail in Mo Zhao's heart, and so he was extremely happy when Di Fuyi. He could not even hide his excitement! In fact, he hoped that Gu Xijiu would recover from her amnesia so that she could witness how much suffering her lover was going through as he wanted Gu Xijiu to suffer as well... Otherwise, there would be no one else to share the painful feeling of seeing Di Fuyi suffer as he stood triumphantly.

Mo Zhao finally believed that Gu Xijiu had lost her memory because she was still happily talking to him even though she had witnessed Di Fuyi being stabbed earlier by Wu Wuyan. She was supposed to be suffering right now!

Suddenly, Mo Zhao asked Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, are you not curious about the person who was caught today?"

Gu Xijiu frowned and asked, "Does he have something to do with me?"

Mo Zhao smiled, but he remained silent as he looked at her. Suddenly, he asked another question, "You know; no one has attempted to run away under my watch before. Even though you claimed that your reason for doing so was just so you could see the outside world again, you deserve to be punished for attempting to escape!"

Gu Xijiu did not expect him to bring up so she asked, "What sort of punishment?"

"Marry me!"