The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125: Counter Attack (2)

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Gu Xijiu suddenly had a realization... Were they fighting using their music instruments?

Di Fuyi could not continue any further after playing halfway through the song. He paused, and the chord strings immediately snapped. Fortunately, he released the strings quickly enough. Otherwise, his fingers would have been injured.

Mo Zhao stopped as well and asked with a tone of satisfaction, "Why did you stop?"

Di Fuyi answered as he looked at the lute, "The chord strings have snapped." He then tried to fix the lute.

Mo Zhao smiled elegantly and did not bother him anymore.


Two hours later, the temperature in the cabin started increasing. They could see the volcano in the distance. Di Fuyi sighed as he looked at the volcano.

He had been here a few days ago when he followed Long Siye's trail and had even found Ye Hongfeng's clone body. In fact, he had felt that there was something strange about the volcano. Hence, he had assigned a few secret agent