The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127: Counter Attack (4)

Gu Xijiu was too good at acting. Therefore, Mo Zhao was still unsure whether she had retained any memory of the current era. In case she did, it was like his way of reminding her of it!

Gu Xijiu looked at him and said, "In fact, I have a few questions. Would you care to answer them?"

"Go ahead!"

"Since you already knew that he is Di Fuyi, why didn't you observe him and only arrest him after bringing him to the underground palace? The palace is your territory, so he probably wouldn't be able to escape that easily. During that time, you can easily reveal his plan and arrest him!"

Mo Zhao laughed and replied, "Xijiu, you're too naive! Do you honestly think that Di Fuyi would follow us to the underground palace? He wants to destroy every one of us, but he does not have a way to find the Fire Ship. Only Long Fan and I have control over the Fire Ship, and no one would send it up here without our order! I'm sure that he had arranged many people to ambush us once the three carriages had landed. He would see how we summon the Fire Ship and then pretend to be us to board the Fire Ship after we have all been arrested…"

He talked a lot, and even Gu Xijiu who was so intelligent was slightly confused. After a while, she sighed. "My Great Lord, you're indeed a very detail-oriented person!"

Mo Zhao smiled. How was he able to hide inside Rong Che's body for such a long time without anyone knowing if he was not careful enough?

Mo Zhao knew that Di Fuyi was very smart and powerful, so he needed to be even smarter if he wanted to win!

Besides that, Di Fuyi's Kung Fu must be amazing since he was able to disappear from a flying vehicle in the sky! Had he fully recovered? Mo Zhao felt suspicious that Di Fuyi had retreated so quickly. How could he leave his subordinates behind even if he did not want Gu Xijiu anymore? Three of his aides were still in another carriage!

Oh, sh*t! Mo Zhao's heart skipped a beat as he thought about it! The other two carriages! Gosh!

Before he could figure out the plan, noises of people fighting could be heard from the back. However, the fight did not last long as it became quiet after less than a minute. Mo Zhao remained silent as he could sense that something was wrong!

A moment later, his bad feeling had come true. The two other carriages caught up with his wagon, and someone who was wearing a purple robe with a silver mask on his face stood outside the cabin of one of the carriages.

Di Fuyi had gone to rescue his subordinates!

At that moment, Di Fuyi was standing there with Long Fan in his hand. Long Fan seemed to have been injured as his lips were bleeding. He was standing in front of Di Fuyi like a puppet and acted as his shield.

Meanwhile, the rider in the other carriage was missing and the one who had taken his place was Gu Canmo who was standing there like a tower as he stared at Mo Zhao.

It seemed like Gu Canmo had been hiding in the other carriage all along, so he must have disguised himself as one of the helpers. Of course, the other two subordinates who were injured had been rescued as well.

The situation was worsening. Mo Zhao's heart immediately sank as he looked at Di Fuyi with his narrowed eyes. "Di Fuyi, what the h*ll do you want from me!?"