The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: It's Nothing Compared To Celestial Master Zuo Who Was Willing To Disguise Himself As A Lady

Di Fuyi was straight to the point. "Let's talk!"

Mo Zhao smiled. He looked relaxed even though he knew he was in deep sh*t. "What do you want to talk about?"

Di Fuyi sighed. "You look like a smart person, so why are you asking such a stupid question? Of course, we are going to talk about exchanging our hostages. Three of your people are here with me, and all of them are important to you. I'll trade the three of them to have Gu Xijiu back. What do you think?"

Mo Zhao pondered, Long Fan was very important to him as he relied on him to obtain a new body and be resurrected. He would not have a real body without Long Fan. Meanwhile, the other two were the geniuses of the elites, and their spiritual power was already close to level nine. They would be able to help him conquer the world someday.

To avoid attracting unnecessary attention, the hundred people who were following Mo Zhao had returned separately. Since there were three hostages, each one of them was assigned to a different carriage with one rider and another person in the cabin to watch the hostage.

One person was assigned to monitor the vehicle he was riding in, and another person was assigned to monitor Long Fan's vehicle. Therefore, there were a total of five subordinates who were heading back to palace with him. However, three of them were in Di Fuyi's hand now which meant that the other two must have been replaced with Di Fuyi's subordinates.

He looked at Di Fuyi. "There must be another one of you, come out! Show me who you are!"

The curtain of the cabin was opened all of a sudden. Someone walked out from the carriage which Long Fan boarded earlier. A man who was wearing a black robe and a butterfly-shaped silver mask stood there. The mask had covered most of his face and only revealed his thin lips. He straightened his back and gave a cold glare at Mo Zhao silently. Tian Jiyue? Celestial Master You?

Mo Zhao was speechless at first. He laughed. "I'm surprised that both of you can work together!"

Everyone knew the two of them did not like each other and had even fought against each other before. No one dared to mention Celestial Master Zuo in front of Celestial Master You. Mo Zhao knew about this when he was hiding in Rong Che's body. Back in the old days, he had even wanted to recruit Celestial Master You to join his troop. He now realized that it was just a fake rumor that both Celestial Master Zuo and Celestial Master You were enemies!

Tian Jiyue casually said, "The reason we fought before was related to our conflicts, and it had nothing to do with our mutual vision and mission to kill evil people. Why are you so surprised about the alliance formed between the two of us?"

Mo Zhao smiled. "I'm sure you've gone through a tough time to act as a cart driver as you've always been so arrogant."

Tian Jiyue casually replied, "It's nothing as compared to Celestial Master Zuo who was willing to disguise himself as a lady. Why would you find it surprising?"

Mo Zhao was speechless again.

He already knew who they were disguising themselves as when he looked at Tian Jiyue and Gu Canmo.

Both of them had disguised themselves as Di Fuyi's subordinates, Mu Yun and Mu Lei, and had pretended to be hurt by Mo Zhao's aides.

Both of Mo Zhao's subordinates were very cruel, and they would always beat their enemies until they were disabled. Therefore, Mo Zhao did not bother to check on Mu Yun and Mu Lei's injuries when he caught both of them as he thought that they had been severely injured and would die anytime soon.