The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: It's Nothing Compared To Celestial Master Zuo Who Was Willing To Disguise Himself As A Lady

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Di Fuyi was straight to the point. "Let's talk!"

Mo Zhao smiled. He looked relaxed even though he knew he was in deep sh*t. "What do you want to talk about?"

Di Fuyi sighed. "You look like a smart person, so why are you asking such a stupid question? Of course, we are going to talk about exchanging our hostages. Three of your people are here with me, and all of them are important to you. I'll trade the three of them to have Gu Xijiu back. What do you think?"

Mo Zhao pondered, Long Fan was very important to him as he relied on him to obtain a new body and be resurrected. He would not have a real body without Long Fan. Meanwhile, the other two were the geniuses of the elites, and their spiritual power was already close to level nine. They would be able to help him conquer the world someday.

To avoid attracting unnecessary attention, the hundred people who were following Mo Zhao had returned separately. Since there were three hostages, each one of them was assig