The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129: The Later You Return, The More She Would Suffer

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Since both of them had disguised themselves as Mu Yun and Mu Lei, their injuries must have been fake too! Damn it! That must have been the key strategy to Di Fuyi's plan!

Mo Zhao then wondered how many of Di Fuyi's subordinates were among the hundred people that he had brought from the underground palace.

He did not realize that his ship had been slowly sinking from the start, as he was given a false impression that he was winning the battle!

"Master, are we going to take the deal?" All of Mo Zhao's subordinates had been swapped except his driver. Currently, the opponent had five to six experts with him.

Mo Zhao's driver retreated to his side as he had run out of ideas.

Mo Zhao glared at him and then laughed as he looked at Di Fuyi. "What if I don't accept the deal?"

Suddenly, curvy five-colored nails grew out from his fingertips like five sharp mini knives which placed themselves conveniently on Gu Xijiu's neck. "Di Fuyi, even though you have a p