The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129: The Later You Return, The More She Would Suffer

Since both of them had disguised themselves as Mu Yun and Mu Lei, their injuries must have been fake too! Damn it! That must have been the key strategy to Di Fuyi's plan!

Mo Zhao then wondered how many of Di Fuyi's subordinates were among the hundred people that he had brought from the underground palace.

He did not realize that his ship had been slowly sinking from the start, as he was given a false impression that he was winning the battle!

"Master, are we going to take the deal?" All of Mo Zhao's subordinates had been swapped except his driver. Currently, the opponent had five to six experts with him.

Mo Zhao's driver retreated to his side as he had run out of ideas.

Mo Zhao glared at him and then laughed as he looked at Di Fuyi. "What if I don't accept the deal?"

Suddenly, curvy five-colored nails grew out from his fingertips like five sharp mini knives which placed themselves conveniently on Gu Xijiu's neck. "Di Fuyi, even though you have a perfect plan, I'm still holding the 'King' in my hand! Those people in your hands are just rubbish. I don't care about their lives! Of course, you can attack me as I'm too weak to be your rival now. However, she would immediately die as soon as you attack me! I'll kill her before you can even reach me! Once I scratch her neck, not only would she die, but her soul would be shattered into pieces as well, and you will never be able to fix it! Do you want to test my patience?"

Di Fuyi remained silent with an angry expression on his face. Everyone was nervous, but no one spoke.

Tian Jiyue continued glaring at him. "Mo Zhao, I can't believe that you would treat your loyal subordinates this way! Are you not afraid of disappointing them?"

Mo Zhao smiled. "They were prepared to sacrifice themselves the moment they joined my troop." He paused for a second and laughed. "Feel free to kill them if you want but let me warn you, I'll chop off one of her hands for each person you kill. There are four of my people in your hands, and she has four limbs…"

He swayed his fingernails as he talked. "In fact, I kind of like this little girl. It would be too cruel to chop off her limbs with a knife or sword. So, I'm thinking about using these violet nails. Don't worry, it's very sharp, so her limbs would be cut off in a single slice. However, it would make her wounds feel even more painful than usual, and she wouldn't be able to faint."

Though his handsome face was smiling, every word that came out from his mouth was so ruthless! His cold breath was blowing on Gu Xijiu's neck as though a poisonous snake was spitting its venom!

In such a situation, it was the moment for them to prove their level of ruthlessness and see who was willing to sacrifice more of their members. Di Fuyi pondered silently. Indeed, he had the confidence to attack Mo Zhao head on, but...

He slowly lifted his hand as though he was going to make a gesture. Mo Zhao suddenly said, "Di Fuyi, don't you try to run away again! I'll torture her and slice off her fingers and toes one by one if you dare to run away with all these peoples! I'll cut off one of her fingers or toes every 15 minutes until you return! I guarantee you that the later you return, the more she would suffer!"