The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Is She Challenging Him?!

"Ha!" Gu Xijiu smiled sarcastically and said, "What would you do if I could prove it with some evidence?"

This little girl was too naive! Is she challenging him?

Rong Chu found it funny and laughed, "Are you challenging me?"

"How dare I? I just want things to be fair." Gu Xijiu answered calmly. She looked at Rong Chu and said, "Your Highness, you can decline if you wish"

He would be very embarrassed if he could not even take up the challenge from a little girl.

Rong Chu looked upset and said, "Fine! Ill give you what you want! If you can provide three points as solid evidence, Ill get the twelfth prince to marry you willingly and treat you nicely. Ill not allow him to divorce you and neither can he marry a mistress within the next three years"

Gu Tianqing looked pale and subconsciously looked at Rong Yan.

Rong Yan felt awkward and panicked, "Fourth brother"

Gu Xijiu laughed and whispered sarcastically, "Your Highness, you are indeed a jerk."

She then glared at Rong Yan, and he immediately felt terrified.

Gu Xijiu continued to say, "I've been engaged to the twelfth prince with the decree from His Majesty and we will definitely get married if no one tries to sabotage us. The twelfth prince treats me...quite well. I'm sure he would cherish and love me wholeheartedly after our wedding, so how would he divorce me? While your suggestion of not allowing him to marry any mistress sounds ridiculous to me, as there is already a rule in our dynasty, which states that all princes are not allowed to marry a mistress for the next three years after they marry their first wife, in order to show respect to the official concubine.

"Are you trying to entertain me?"

Her words seemed to have hit Rong Chu in his throat hard, and also caused Gu Tianqing be anxious!

She even smiled and asked Rong Yan gently, "Am I right, Your Highness? Such a law exists, does there not?"

Rong Yan was speechless. His tongue was stuck and he dared not say anything.

Rong Jialuo joined the conversation and said, "Indeed, youre right. We do have such laws for the princes."

Rong Chu was upset and looked at Rong Jialuo. He was sitting there enjoying his tea.

He felt that the crown prince was really different from the usual, but he could not tell what the difference was.

"Why are you looking at me?" Rong Jialuo was knocking the table with his finger, "Dont you remember this law?"

Rong Chu was mad and finally answered, "Great! She has a point! Ive underestimated this little girl. Fine, what other rewards do you want?"

Gu Xijiu said, "The fourth prince is such an honorable person, so the reward must be something fantastic. Do you have any alchemy furnace? It'll be great if you can make that the reward."

She uttered it as though it was something normal, but Rong Yan was having difficulty talking when he heard that.

He was well-known for his collection and there was a rumor about him being wealthier than the palace.

The fourth prince had a quirk, that he only collected high-quality items. Hence, all his collection were valuable and rare. Indeed, he had an alchemy furnace in his mansion, named the Divine Garnet Furnace.

It was said that its quality was equivalent to the alchemy furnace used by the Tianwen Overlord.

Apparently, every alchemist dreamed to get their hands on this furnace, and it would have gone missing earlier if the fourth prince did not hire a martial arts expert to guard the mansion.