The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130: Let Us See Who Is More Ruthless

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"I don't mind telling you that even though this is not her original body, Elder Long had installed a device in this body. Without a special method, It would be difficult for her soul to leave this body once she had possessed it. So, you can forget the idea of killing her and gathering her soul afterward to be transferred back to her original body as it won't work. Once she is killed, her soul would be severely injured as well. Not only would she be unable to return to her original body, but her soul would also eventually disappear as she won't be able to possess another body either."

Mo Zhao had closed all the doors for him to escape unless he did not care about her life. Everyone remained silent and waited for Di Fuyi's decision.

Celestial Master Zuo used to live a carefree life, and he never did favor anyone, so it was impossible for someone to threaten him in the past. Once upon a time, one of his best assistants was caught by his opponent, and he was threatened by hi