The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132: He Felt That He Had Lost His Patience

Mo Zhao was not interested in them. Hence, he got someone to bring three chairs. One was for Gu Xijiu who had fainted, one for Di Fuyi and another one for Long Fan who was severely.

Di Fuyi stopped struggling and was finally willing to sit still on the chair. He had taken the chance to observe his surroundings while he was being dragged around the underground palace. Occasionally, he even criticized their layout and decorations. He told them that the fortress was too cold and was not as elegant as he had thought. He also recommended them to put a few pots of plants along the tunnel as decoration.

Mo Zhao knew about Di Fuyi's strange temper and preferences as he had made contact several times with Di Fuyi back in the old days when he was Rong Che. He used to look up to Di Fuyi. On the other hand, Di Fuyi was never bothered with him. They only had brief conversations with each other from time to time, and usually just nodded as a greeting to each other if they met.

Therefore, Celestial Master Zuo was still as mysterious as a god in his heart. Back in the old days, Mo Zhao felt that all the mighty people had a strange character, so it was reasonable to him 

Mo Zhao recalled that he had always wanted to defeat Celestial Master Zuo and step on his chest until he sank into the mud. He felt that the reason why Di Fuyi looked so cool was due to his prestigious position and the fact that no one could threaten him or even hurt him. However, if he were to be defeated and imprisoned, he would be so shameful and embarrassed. At least, he would not be able to act so coolly anymore.

However, even though Celestial Master Zuo had been caught and was severely injured, he was still able to enjoy the scenery like a tourist instead of a prisoner! Mo Zhao felt that he had lost his patience!

His air of politeness was growing thin as Di Fuyi would not stop criticizing about the jade design of the arc above the ceiling. He finally burst out in anger and grabbed Di Fuyi's collar. "Di Fuyi, I'll cut off your tongue if you continue talking!"

Di Fuyi looked at him calmly. "Are you going to break your oath?"

He forced Mo Zhao to add another condition to his oath which was that he could kill Di Fuyi, but he would not be allowed to insult him. Mo Zhao would be struck by thunder if he ever insulted Di Fuyi.

Therefore, Mo Zhao was permitted to stab Di Fuyi and destroy his spiritual power, but he was not allowed to cut his tongue or dig his eyeballs, etc.

Of course, Mo Zhao did not want to break his oath. Thus, he laughed coldly as he let go of his collar. "Since you're going to die very soon, I'll forgive you."

Therefore, Di Fuyi sat back and relaxed as he continued to enjoy his surroundings. His fingers tapped on the hand rest. "Mo Zhao, I was just wondering why you are refusing to kill me? Are you going to wait until Chinese New Year? Or are you taking into consideration the fact that we were once old friends when you were Rong Che?"

Mo Zhao suddenly laughed. "You'll know soon enough!"

He got someone to throw Di Fuyi into a prison cell. It was a very special prison as the walls were made from green jade which was resistant to heat. However, it was scorching inside like a steamer. Di Duyi was placed on a hot stone and was tied with about seven to eight spiritual chains.

The spiritual chains were even worse than spiritual lock as it reduced one's spiritual power. On the other hand, the spiritual lock only prevented one from using their spiritual power. One would not be able to escape once they were tied with the spiritual chain and their spiritual power would be completely nullified if they were chained for more than ten days.