The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132: He Felt That He Had Lost His Patience

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Mo Zhao was not interested in them. Hence, he got someone to bring three chairs. One was for Gu Xijiu who had fainted, one for Di Fuyi and another one for Long Fan who was severely.

Di Fuyi stopped struggling and was finally willing to sit still on the chair. He had taken the chance to observe his surroundings while he was being dragged around the underground palace. Occasionally, he even criticized their layout and decorations. He told them that the fortress was too cold and was not as elegant as he had thought. He also recommended them to put a few pots of plants along the tunnel as decoration.

Mo Zhao knew about Di Fuyi's strange temper and preferences as he had made contact several times with Di Fuyi back in the old days when he was Rong Che. He used to look up to Di Fuyi. On the other hand, Di Fuyi was never bothered with him. They only had brief conversations with each other from time to time, and usually just nodded as a greeting to each other if they met.