The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133: The More He Slept, The Weaker He Became

Even if Di Fuyi were to be released, he would not possess any spiritual power. Mo Zhao was indeed evil and ruthless. Firstly, he had stabbed Di Fuyi in his lower abdomen so that he could not use his spiritual power and now he was going to reduce Di Fuyi's spiritual power using the spiritual chain. It looked like he wanted to make him handicapped.

Mo Zhao was a cautious person, and he knew that Di Fuyi's spies must have disguised themselves among the people that he had led out from the palace earlier. Therefore, he did not allow them to continue with their prior duties since they returned and instead kept them all together in a big hall. It was like a massive prison without any windows and only a small door with a passage that could fit one person at a time. He then investigated them one by one.

Since he had to investigate every one of them in detail, the progress was tedious, and it took five days to finish the investigation. Strangely enough, he did not find any of Di Fuyi's subordinates even after a series of investigations.

He let out a sigh of relief but at the same time felt that something was wrong. He had a feeling that they were somewhere here. Therefore, he ordered a few of his guards to investigate again.

He even came out with a whistleblowing policy. Everyone was supposed to report to him whenever they saw someone who was suspicious. 

Though it was a safe method to conduct the investigation multiple times, there were cons to the process as well, especially the whistleblowing policy. Many of them simply made a report to their superiors about the people they did not like... Therefore, many innocent people were killed.

Many of them were very upset with such a strange and cruel policy, especially those who were suspended for investigation in the big hall. Initially, they were all part of the elites living in the underground palace. Now, not only were they suspected of being a traitor, but the other members were also boycotting them.

Though many of them held important positions in the various departments, they could not even step into their own offices now!

Even though they were upset, they did not dare to show it on their faces due to Mo Zhao's ruthless personality. However, many of them had lost their confidence and loyalty.

Though the underground palace looked quiet and peaceful, hatred was starting to grow among the elites like a cyclone forming at the bottom of the sea.

Long Fan had been severely injured. Fortunately, he was a physician and was, therefore, able to heal himself. He could finally get back to work after resting for two days.

Long Fan had learned his lesson from the incident where Gu Xijiu had damaged the CCTV so that she could escape. Hence, he had installed a few CCTVs in Mo Zhao's room as well as his own. Therefore, even if the CCTV in the general areas were all damaged, they would still have two more as a backup.

The reason why Long Siye had managed to escape when he was imprisoned was that there were no CCTVs in that room. However, this time would be different as they had learned their lesson. Long Fan had installed four CCTVs in the place where Di Fuyi was being imprisoned so that they could observe him from every angle.

Mo Zhao would observe Di Fuyi a few times a day as he felt that he had a better appetite after watching him suffer. In fact, he did not need to eat as he was living in the form of a soul. However, he felt like he was eating a holy fruit whenever he looked at Di Fuyi and was very happy.

Even though Di Fuyi looked calm even after he was chained, his face was getting paler, and his consciousness was weakening. He tried meditating and strengthening his Kung Fu when he was first imprisoned. However, his spiritual power had gradually decreased to the extent that he could no longer practice his Kung Fu.

One would feel extremely bored if their movements were restricted. Therefore, Di Fuyi began to sleep. The more he slept, the weaker he became.