The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134: Unspeakable Disease

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When Di Fuyi regained his consciousness, he saw that a couple was standing in front of him, looking as beautiful as jade.

The man was wearing a long pale green robe with flow line patterns. His facial features were delicately modeled with affectionate eyes, and he lookedlike someone with a very posh accent. There was a folding fan in his hand, swaying back and forth in an elegant motion. The man was Mo Zhao.

The woman next to him looked very refined and graceful. She looked like the most dazzling flower on earth. Her temperament was a little chilly. She was wearing a dress with the same color and patterns as Mo Zhao's robe and held a bamboo flute in her hand. From her expression, she seemed calm and composed. The woman was Gu Xijiu. She wrapped her arm around his, as though a little bird resting upon him. She stared at Di Fuyi, and he could see the curiosity in her bright eyes.

Di Fuyi's eyes fell on her arm that was wrapped around Mo Zhao's. As far as he was conc