The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135: Unspeakable Disease (2)

The air was filled with an overwhelming tea aroma, stimulating Di Fuyi's taste buds. She had prepared two teacups in advance. She smiled sweetly at Mo Zhao as she filled his cup, "Taste it and tell me what you think."

Satisfied, Mo Zhao took a sip and complimented her. "Not bad!"

Gu Xijiu's eyes brightened at his compliment as if it was the greatest thing that had happened to her. Di Fuyi was annoyed. Hesitantly, he spoke to her in a mild tone, "Xijiu, can I have some tea as well? I am very thirsty."

He was indeed dehydrated. The place was as hot as a steamer. Moreover, he had no spiritual power to serve as his protection. The heat had almost dried every bit of moisture from his body; even his red lips were starting to crack under the heat.

Gu Xijiu turned to look at him. His dry lips had caught her eyes. She pursed her lips at her sight, then filled another cup of tea for him. There was a flicker in Mo Zhao's eyes. However, he did not halt her from doing what she was doing. He only stood there with his arms wrapped around his body. His eyes followed her as she walked towards Di Fuyi.

When Gu Xijiu was in front of Di Fuyi, she suddenly knitted her brows in a frown and took a few steps back.

Di Fuyi could immediately tell the difference in her unusual expression. "What is wrong?"

Once again, Gu Xijiu's eyes fell on his dry lips. With a determined look, she pursed her lips and held her breath as she continued walking towards him. She leaned the cup close to his lips. "Drink it, quickly."

Di Fuyi finished the tea that she took for him. The tea aroma filled his lungs. However, the taste was associated with bitter repentance.

Once the tea was finished, Gu Xijiu immediately fell back, as though he was a terrifying monster to her. She even moved the stove which she used to boil water further away from him.

Di Fuyi fixed his eyes on her. "Xijiu, can I have another cup of tea?"

Gu Xijiu furrowed her brows. Hesitantly, she turned around and asked Mo Zhao, "My dearest Zhao, why is he being imprisoned?"

The chains on Di Fuyi's wrists jingled. Dearest Zhao?

Satisfied, Mo Zhao darted a look at Di Fuyi while gently caressing her hair. "The man is a bad guy. He is my greatest enemy."

Gu Xijiu frowned. "Why don't you just kill him?"

Mo Zhao sighed. "He has a life, after all. I just could not do it."

"Oh!" Gu Xijiu did not continue her questions. Instead, she threw a cold eye at Di Fuyi. "You are a bad guy who opposes my dearest Zhao. I will not serve you any more tea."

Di Fuyi did not know how to respond. He sighed. "You do trust him a lot, don't you? What if he is the real bad guy?"

"Nonsense! My dearest Zhao is a good man!" Gu Xijiu refused to talk to him any further. She wrapped her arm around Mo Zhao. "Shall we go?"

Mo Zhao threw a look at the very pale looking Di Fuyi and was exceptionally delighted. Before he left, he decided to make another statement to fulfill her satisfaction even more. "Di Fuyi, Xijiu and I will be married three days from now. Although you are my greatest enemy, I shall not haggle over our unpleasant encounters. I will be sure to invite you to our wedding."

As soon as he was finished, he quickly noticed Di Fuyi's fists that were clenched in a firm clasp. Contented, he left with Gu Xiju.

Di Fuyi was still lying there motionless. This time, Gu Xijiu had no interaction with him at all. When she was massaging Mo Zhao's shoulders, she was really doing it. She was not trying to pass messages to him via Morse codes.

Xijiu, have you forgotten everything?

There were four dishes and soup on the dining table. Gu Xijiu was having her meal quietly.

Mo Zhao sat across, watching her. "Delicious?"