The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136: Unspeakable Disease (3)

Gu Xijiu nodded. Her face brightened up with a beautiful smile as she replied, "Delicious." The pure expression in her eyes looked as innocent as a child's of age seven or eight.

Mo Zhao sighed before he continued, "We will be getting married the day after tomorrow. Are you excited?"

Gu Xijiu's eyes brightened. "Does getting married mean we will be together forever?"

"Yes, you will be my wife after we get married and stay by my side, forever."

"Then, I am excited!" Gu Xijiu answered without the slightest hesitation.

After the meal, she quickly rose to clear the dishes on the table like a newly wedded wife. Mo Zhao stopped her. "You are the future wife of the Great Lord. You need not do any of this menial work, let the servants do it." He rang the silver bell on the table, and a servant then entered and cleared up the dishes swiftly. When she was done, she left with head down.

"My dearest Zhao, would you like some tea?" Gu Xijiu was eagerly attentive.

Mo Zhao hesitated a little, then shook his head. "No need. I am not thirsty."

"Are your shoulders feeling uncomfortable? Would you like me to massage them?"

Mo Zhao was at loss for words. He could not help but feel helpless. "There is no need for that. You have already massaged my shoulders eight times today!"

"Oh," Gu Xijiu responded briefly. She stopped talking and sat quietly with her head down.

Mo Zhao looked at her and started giving her some words of comfort. "Xijiu, there are plenty of ways that you can please me, other than making tea and giving me massages. Can you think of any?"

Perplexed, Gu Xijiu stared blankly at him and repeated his words. "Can I think of any?" She thought about it for a few moments, and then wrapped her hands around her head and rested on the table, "Headache! Headache!"

Mo Zhao was speechless.

When Long Fan entered, Gu Xijiu was suffering from a pain in her head. Cold sweat broke out of her forehead.

Long Fan frowned. "Why is she triggered?" He quickly took out a pill and walked towards Gu Xijiu. He wanted to pull her up and feed her the tablet.

When he touched her, Gu Xijiu immediately took a few steps backward. "Don't you come near me! You stink!"

Long Fan did not know what to say. Unimpressed, he handed the pill to Mo Zhao. "My Great Lord, please feed her the pill."

Mo Zhao heaved a sigh as he raised the pill to her lips and fed her. Not long after, Gu Xijiu was getting a little dazed and sleepy.

Mo Zhao took her to the bed and put her to sleep.

She fell asleep almost immediately and did not respond to Mo Zhao at all, even after he called her name a few times.

"Long Fan, I only wanted her memory to be erased, not for her to become a fool. Look at her, she is like a little fool now, who only knows how to make tea and massage!" Mo Zhao was annoyed. "She even gets a splitting headache when she is required to think. Will she be this way forever?"

He would rather have the old Gu Xijiu who was like a beautiful rose with thorns, not this silly little girl. She was intellectually inferior, like a child of age eight or nine.

Long Fan's expression was blank. "My Great Lord, the medicine that erases her memory has some side effects. I had told you about it before. Moreover, you wished for her to be obedient and liked the tea that she used to make. You were hoping that one day she would massage your shoulders and that she would love you wholeheartedly. Now, all your wishes have been entirely fulfilled. My Great Lord, if you are still not satisfied, then I…"

Frowningly, Mo Zhao clucked his tongue in disapproval. "However, she seems more like a statue now without any joy or curiosity. Is it possible to improve her intelligence?"

Long Fan took a look at Gu Xijiu who was now lying on the bed.