The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137: Unspeakable Disease (4)

Gu Xijiu was in a deep sleep. 

Long Fan shook his head after staring at her momentarily. "There is no other way, temporarily. After all, it is an outcome of all the medicines that we have fed her. It is normal for her to behave in such a way, especially when she has consumed the Sweet Heart pill. The pill will make her fall for you and only you, my Great Lord. It will make her only attracted to your scent. Other men's scents will be too unbearable for her. However, the after-effects of the pill are the most severe, which explains her headaches every time she tries to think. Luckily, she only has to take the pill for a month, and the prescription will stop after that. Otherwise, there could be other issues to deal with. Once she stops taking the pill, the effects will begin to fade as well, along with her headaches. She will then become smarter. By that time, she will already be married to my Great Lord for a while. With Great Lord's strength and charm, you can definitely make her fall for you even without the medicine…"

Mo Zhao kept quiet.

Long Fan continued his question, "My Great Lord, how do you feel, now that your soul has finally attached to this new body? Is there anything odd?"

Mo Zhao's soul had just been attached to his new body this morning. After the successful operation, Long Fan performed a thorough body check of his system and did not notice anything wrong. The body had already been provided with spiritual power at level nine – it was a body in its peak condition!

After failing to notice anything wrong earlier, Mo Zhao quickly took Gu Xijiu out to flaunt her affections for him in front of Di Fuyi. Therefore, Long Fan was unaware whether the body suited him or not.

Mo Zhao thought about it for a while and said calmly, "I have not found anything wrong yet. I will tell you about it tomorrow morning."

Long Fan nodded and stopped commenting.

The fact that Gu Xijiu and Long Siye had damaged the body before their escape was concealed from the Great Lord.


Although the underground palace had a considerable amount of female workers, their Kung Fu was of different levels. Some were here for their capabilities, others for their appearances. Those with abilities had more power and could work alongside male workers with almost the same rights. As for those with decent appearances, they would eventually become courtesans, to impress the officials.

If the place were only full of single men, it would be challenging to captivate them. However, with the presence of a woman, it would be easier to win over their minds.

Among the women, there was one whose name was Feng Qing. She was a well-known beauty. She had a lovely and charming look, and more importantly, she was very experienced in that particular aspect. Almost all the men who had slept with her would commit themselves desperately and irredeemably to her. More than half of the men in the palace had spent their nights with her before.

On that night, just she was about to rest, the lights in the room started to flicker, and a man suddenly emerged in her room. She was taken by surprise and stared at the masked man. "You…"

The man was wearing a long black robe with a ghost mask covering his face. Although she could hardly see his face, she knew immediately that he was a good-looking man from his tall and nimble body.

Outsiders would never be able to sneak into the palace. Hence, Feng Qing was not afraid, even though the man emerged all too suddenly. She looked at the man with her big, watery eyes. "You are here in the middle of the night for…"

"Come and serve!" The man interrupted.

"Ah? Do you want to serve me? I am afraid I do not deserve it…"

"I asked for you to serve me!" The man's voice turned icy cold. "I want all of your skills. If you serve me well, you will be rewarded. Otherwise…" The man paused. Then, he pointed his finger at the table in the room and tapped on it. The rock table shattered at once into grains of fine powder.