The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138: Unspeakable Disease (5)

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Feng Qing wasstartled by the sheer ferocity of his Kung Fu.

Feng Qing was only familiar with seducing men. Her Kung Fu was pathetic. She knew about some styles and structures, at most, but with the sheer strength of the man in front of her, killing her would be as easy as squashing an ant. Therefore, Feng Qing proceeded to 'serve' him.

The masked man had a lean body, but was very picky and not easily pleased. He only allowed her to work on the specific parts and forbade her from seeing the rest of his body. She had exerted herself to the limit but the results were still disappointing. It turned out that 'that part' of the man was still lying flat without any sign of an erection.

Feng Qing used to be very proud of her special skill. It was said that she could excite and turn a sexually impotent man into a real masculine man. However, meeting this man who came unexpectedly during the night proved the theory wrong.

Under normal circumstances, her minimal effort