The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139: Unspeakable Disease (6)

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Mo Zhao gritted his teeth in agreement. Long Fan then secretly summoned five female followers. These women were beautiful, and each of them was attractive in her own way. They were considered as the most attractive women in the palace. However, the result was abysmal. Although the size of his ... was rather big, it was merely a decoration. It did not erect at all, not even once.

He was impotent, and it was incurable. Mo Zhao's handsome face darkened. The ice-cold temperature in his room would make others feel as though it was ice cold. He threw at an icy glance at the five women, then turned to look at Long Fan. He spoke to him through Directed Audio, "I do not wish anyone to know about it!" After that, he left the room immediately.

Long Fan was speechless. He knew what the Great Lord meant was that he wanted Long Fan to kill them. However, the palace was in a state of anxiety. It would be difficult to kill all five of them without causing a stir.

A light flickered