The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140: You Have Bad Eyesight

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Gu Xijiu focused her visionon his eyes and spoke again, "Your eyes make you look like a bad person."

Di Fuyi's glare felt like it could penetrate one's soul, but he replied, "You have bad eyesight!" Di Fuyi said to her, with a face full of pride.

Gu Xijiu could not help but laugh at his funny remark. "You are quite funny, actually," said Gu Xijiu. Her eyes then fell on the Spiritual Chain that was intended to reduce his spiritual power.

The cuffs were especially wicked. It came with handcuffs and shackles connecting his wrists and ankles. Moreover, the inner circle of the cuffswere covered with emerging nails. These nails would deeply penetrate the flesh and bones of the prisoner. Most cuffs are smeared with the blood of their victims. Even the slightest of movements would cause more bleeding.

Gu Xijiu fixed her gaze on the cuffs attentively for a few moments. She then took two steps forward and asked, "Are you hurt?"

Di Fuyi looked at her pale litt