The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142: Could He Do As He Pleased? Hehe!

His words had indicated that he knew Mo Zhao's flaw. Mo Zhao's voice turned hostile. "What!?"

Di Fuyi did not wish to comment any further, so he closed his eyes. "Nothing."

Mo Zhao's mind was clouded with more doubts and suspense, as he could not tell if Di Fuyi was serious or merely making a guess. He stood still for a while to ponder. He then proceeded to dangle Di Fuyi's chains even more. "Get the message across clearly!"

More sweat broke out from Di Fuyi's forehead. He could not help but comment further. "Do you really need me to make it clear? Aren't you well aware of your body's condition?"

"Are you familiar with the field of medicine?" Mo Zhao fixed his gaze on Di Fuyi intently. Not many knew about Di Fuyi's abilities in medicine, not even Mo Zhao.

Di Fuyi did not intend to conceal the truth. "I do know a thing or two."

Mo Zhao hesitated. "What unspeakable disease do you think I have?"

Di Fuyi avoided his question. "Your body is unbelievable, almost in defiance of nature. You have attained your spiritual power at level nine since day one. Congratulations."

Mo Zhao frowned. "Then?"

"Nothing more. I only wanted to congratulate you on achieving this magical power."

Mo Zhao could tell that there were some hidden messages in their conversation, but he failed to notice what was wrong. He was genuinely annoyed. "Make it clear!"

Di Fuyi simply shut his eyes. "It is clear enough."

Somehow, Mo Zhao thought that Di Fuyi had indeed found out something but was reluctant to tell. Mo Zhao did not want to ask the question so directly, as it would embarrass him.

He was here only because he had seen the surveillance footages of Gu Xijiu running towards the place. He wanted to find out if Gu Xijiu was really poisoned or was faking it again.

Gu Xijiu's behavior was exemplary. She had really forgotten everything. When she came alive in her newly cloned body, she was too smart and too tricky to handle. Even though she had forgotten everything that she had with Di Fuyi, she did not seem to show any signs of affection for him. Thus, he felt somewhat defeated.

Moreover, he had used her life as a threat to force Di Fuyi into submission. Gu Xijiu was semi-conscious when it all happened, so Mo Zhao was unsure if she had heard the conversation. If she did, it would leave a scar on her impression of him, and it would be even harder for her to fall in love with him.

Therefore, with Gu Xijiu in his hands again, he decided to make Long Fan prescribe another dose of medicine to wipe out her memory completely, turning her into a blank canvas! With that, he could then mold her into what he desired without any resistance. She could become anything that he wanted. 

To his surprise, her intelligence was also curbed to the age of a child along with her loss of memory. He did not know how to feel about it - whether he should be happy or worried. He was concerned for Gu Xijiu, at first. However, after learning about the condition of his body, he began to worry about himself instead.

He only emerged to trigger Di Fuyi even more to get some satisfaction. In the end, he became the one who had been triggered instead. His eagerness is costing him. 

He was filled with a surge of great fury and harassed Di Fuyi even further. However, he felt somewhat helpless, as Di Fuyi would only respond with a smiling face. This was not a regular defeat to him. He flicked his sleeves and immediately left.

Di Fuyi watched steadily at his receding figure and smirked. The cloned body that Long Fan had created seemed like a failure, as it was naturally impotent. Could he Do as he pleased? Hehe!

Di Fuyi shut his eyes gently and fell asleep again.

The cloned body that Mo Zhao currently had was complicated to be made, as it had taken Long Fan a couple of decades of painstaking effort. If he had to make another one, it would take him another few decades!