The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142: Could He Do As He Pleased? Hehe!

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His words had indicated that he knew Mo Zhao's flaw. Mo Zhao's voice turned hostile. "What!?"

Di Fuyi did not wish to comment any further, so he closed his eyes. "Nothing."

Mo Zhao's mind was clouded with more doubts and suspense, as he could not tell if Di Fuyi was serious or merely making a guess. He stood still for a while to ponder. He then proceeded to dangle Di Fuyi's chains even more. "Get the message across clearly!"

More sweat broke out from Di Fuyi's forehead. He could not help but comment further. "Do you really need me to make it clear? Aren't you well aware of your body's condition?"

"Are you familiar with the field of medicine?" Mo Zhao fixed his gaze on Di Fuyi intently. Not many knew about Di Fuyi's abilities in medicine, not even Mo Zhao.

Di Fuyi did not intend to conceal the truth. "I do know a thing or two."

Mo Zhao hesitated. "What unspeakable disease do you think I have?"

Di Fuyi avoided his question. "Your body is unbel