The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145: The Urge To Run Into His Arms!

Ever since he gave her the Sweet Heart pill, he smelled like shit to her whenever he was close. Most of the time Gu Xijiu would stay away from him and showed him her disgusted face. It hurt Long Fan a lot.

He stepped back and looked at Gu Xijiu for a long while. He suddenly felt like helping her neutralize the poison of the Sweet Heart pill to return her state of mind to what it was before. 


Long Fan went back to his laboratory. He wanted to find an antidote.

He had all the materials he needed to create the pill in his lab, so it was a simple task for him. However, he realized that there was one item was missing! Had it been stolen?

He rubbed his eyebrows and felt that it was an unlikely possibility.

The poison was a rarity in this world, and there were only a few people who knew about it, not to mention the way to formulate an antidote for it.

Furthermore, the underground palace was well hidden and secure. Therefore, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to sneak into the palace and enter his laboratory without triggering one of his multiple traps.

Perhaps he had misplaced it since he had been swamped these past two days. He checked the surveillance monitor but did not find any abnormalities, so he began to calm down.


Gu Xijiu was dreaming. It was very foggy in her dream. She could not see anything.

She walked around randomly as if she was lost. Subconsciously, she seemed to be looking for something, but she could not remember what.

The fog was very thick, and it felt as if she was the only one in that world. It made her feel a little bit nervous. However, a dim light suddenly appeared in front of her. She ran towards the light without hesitation, and the fog slowly dispersed. Finally, she saw its source.

There was a small bridge along a river. A person surrounded by colorful lights was fishing there. The man was wearing a very long purple robe. The moment she saw him, she felt like she was looking at a painting that possessed the power to brighten up this murky world.

Somehow, this scene felt familiar to Gu Xujiu, so began to feel relaxed.

She walked over and finally saw the man's face. She recognized him. "It's you!"

The man turned and looked at her. "It's me… Xijiu. Do you know how to fish?"

Intuitively Gu Xijiu knew that she was able to fish, so she nodded. "Yes, I know."

The man handed Gu Xijiu a fishing rod. "Come here. Please help me catch a fish."

Gu Xijiu took the fishing rod from him. She was shocked and said, "This is a straight hook. How is it possible for you to fish with it?" When she had finished her sentence, she felt that this scene was familiar too. It was like deja vu!

The man sighed softly. "It is because I want to be like Jiang Taigong."

Gu Xijiu unhesitatingly replied, "These fishes are not Emperor Zhou…"

She was standing very close to him when she spoke and could easily touch him if she lifted her hand.

She was a little surprised to smell him. He had a very light scent on him that calmed her. She even had the urge to run into his arms.

"It's strange; you are not smelly now." She muttered.

The man smiled and quietly went closer to her and said, "Everything you smell is smelly because you are sick. I have always smelled good…"

Gu Xijiu interrupted him, "You are very narcissistic. People might be confused about your gender as you smell so good…"

The man raised his eyebrow. "Do I look like a woman?"

Gu Xijiu looked at his facial features and replied, "You are rather beautiful…"

The man raised his eyebrows even higher. "Beautiful? Are you sure?"

Gu Xijiu looked at him and added, "However, you don't look like a woman."

The man laughed with a flirtatious expression. "That's because I am not a woman. Baby, you have to describe a man with words like 'handsome' or 'intelligent'. 'Beautiful' is not a good word to describe me…"

When he called her 'baby', Gu Xijiu's heartbeat hastened, and she felt like running into his arms!