The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146: I Like It When You Address Me This Way

If someone else had addressed her this way in the past, she would have slapped that person. Instead, she felt warm and loved when he did so.

"Why did address me this way?" Gu Xijiu was notorious for asking questions. Being true to herself, she asked, "Do you think I am still immature and look like a kid?"

"No, Xijiu. You are the most intelligent person I know. No one can compare with you. I addressed you this way because you are special to me. In fact, I am the only person who you would allow to address you this way." The man was smiling, but he said it with a serious tone.

Gu Xijiu felt a warmth in her heart and smiled happily. She could not resist and went closer to him, "In that case, you can continue to address me this way." Then, she quietly added, "I like it when you address me this way."

Even though Gu Xijiu's mind was not functioning well at the moment, she was still able to tell when people were sincere to her.

Though Mo Zhao often stayed by her side and even claimed that he was her fiancé, she could feel that Mo Zhao did not respect her and treated her like a kid.

It was the same for Long Fan. When he looked at her, she felt like he was looking at a specimen. Only the man in front of her was good to her. He knew that she was afraid of being alone in this murky world, so he came to accompany her and took her around.

The first time she met him in her dream, she had an inexplicably good impression of him, but she decided to be a bit defensive around him. She even scolded him with vulgarities. However, the man was not offended. When she was scared of him, he would talk to her from far away until she had woken up from her dream.

During their second encounter, she was more open-minded and dared to stay close to him. He took her for a walk in the fog and talked to her.

In the beginning, there was nothing in the fog. However, ever since Gu Xijiu started walking around with him, she saw fragments of sceneries of different places. There seemed to be other people in the sceneries as well. Though she was only able to see each scene vaguely, she quickly realized that they were not related to each other. She felt anxious for no reason and had the urge to find out more.

However, Gu Xijiu encountered several unexpected disasters while she was exploring these places. A monster attacked her once, and the road underneath her had disappeared all of a sudden too. She was even stuck on a cliff surrounded by a pit of fire!

Regardless of the scenario, this man was somehow there with her through it all. He would consistently come to her rescue. As a result, she grew braver in the fog. In fact, she was starting to fall in love with these types of dreams. 

It was the third time that she had dreamt of him and so she had grown to be very fond of him. She was now sitting beside him to fish. While she was fishing, several images appeared in front of her like a mirage. She saw that she had gone fishing together with Di Fuyi many times before. 

The images were more explicit this time around, and the sceneries were no longer existing in fragments anymore but instead like a film. Just like a good film, Gu Xijiu could feel the frustration and warmness from each scene. Her curiosity grew as she tried to ascertain if these were her memories. 

Di Fuyi did not disturb her and continued to smile sweetly at her. However, he was secretly casting a spell with his fingers underneath his sleeve.