The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: I Don't Want To Think About It!

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She was a bit impatient and shouted towards the direction of the water, "Hey! Come up! You don't have to tell me any stories anymore. I will give you the fish" However, nothing happened, and the lake remained calm.

Would he die inside the water?

Gu Xijiu suddenly panicked. She tried calling for Di Fuyi a few more times, but she still could not see him.

He looked weak based on his physical appearance. Gu Xijiu had noticed that his face looked pale these couple of days whenever she saw him. Had he been starved for a few days? If she knew earlier, she would not have threatened him or withheld the fish. She regretted her actions.

Finally, she could not stand it and jumped into the lake. The lake was relatively shallow, so she was able to reach the bottom of it fairly quickly. She tried her best to look around the bottom of the lake.

The water inside the lake was very clear. Gu Xijiu could see the fish swimming around, but there was no sign of Di Fuyi. She