The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: Have You Finally Come To Realize It?

Gu Xijiu felt alright when she did not think about it. However, her head was in pain every time she started to think. It felt like a drill was digging into her skull. She crouched while covering her head with her hands, and started crying. "I don't want to think about it; it hurts…"

She cried for a while, but no one showed up to comfort her. She felt disappointed, but she had to stand up and continue to move forward. Liar! Cheapskate! How could he have abandoned her just because of a fish! She kept wondering why she got headaches whenever she tried to think about her past. Was this a side effect of being a clone?

She wondered if what Di Fuyi had said about her losing her memories was true. She wondered whether Brother Zhao had lied to her. Several doubts started forming in her mind. She looked up at the sky and felt lost.

The fog around her was starting to fade, and it was not as thick as before. She could even recognize some silhouettes in the distance. Though she vaguely saw them, it gave her some hope. Were they part of her memories?

"I want to restore my memory!" She said to herself! It was the first time that she strongly desired to regain her memory. She ran towards the direction of the silhouettes.

While she was running, she encountered all kinds of obstructions, such as a beast suddenly leaping at her out of nowhere, flames emerging from the ground to block her path and so on.

Fortunately, Di Fuyi had taught her how to deal with these obstructions before in her earlier dreams. She immediately applied what she had learned and eventually succeeded in overcoming all of the obstacles.

A man suddenly appeared in front of her while she was running. She paused and realized that it was Long Fan. He walked closer to her and whispered, "Xijiu…"

The smelly scent of a corpse hit her, and she almost fainted. She could not stand it and slapped him. "You are smelly! Go away!"

"Piakkkk!" Long Fan disappeared from her view as soon as she had slapped him.

She was startled but felt relieved at the same time. However, she did not stop and continued moving forward. She was determined to see the vague scenery that was in front of her. She did not want to let anything prevent her from finding out the truth!

Her head was getting more painful, but she tried her best to bear with it. Today, she wanted to prove to that person that she was eventually going to figure out the truth even if he did not want to tell her!


Inside the prison.

Mo Zhao kept shaking Di Fuyi's body until he was finally awake. The way Mo Zhao woke him up was straightforward but cruel. All he needed to do was to shake the Spiritual Chain, and it could even bring a dead person back to life!

Di Fuyi sweated profusely as he opened his eyes. He looked at Mo Zhao's face and asked, "Do you have something to say?"

How could this bastard be back so soon? He was forced to leave Gu Xijiu in that dream and only managed to leave her a message before he was forced to leave.

Mo Zhao was very direct. "Did you know about my hidden illness?"

Di Fuyi looked at him and chuckled. "Have you finally come to realize it?"

Mo Zhao was furious! "What is my hidden illness? Tell me, and I will unlock half of your Spiritual Chains."

Di Fuyi closed his eyes and said, "You are not sincere enough."

Mo Zhao felt like shaking his Spiritual Chain again. He coldly replied, "I will keep only one chain on you and unlock the rest of them if you tell me how I can heal myself. Firstly, tell me about my hidden illness."

Di Fuyi looked up and down at him and said calmly, "Unlock one of my chains first as a sign of good gesture."

Mo Zhao was stunned for about three seconds before he happily agreed. He took out a key and unlocked the chain on Di Fuyi's hands so that he could stretch his arms a bit.