The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151: What Are You Trying To Do?

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"Can you tell me now?"

"Some underlying laws were broken during the process of building your clone body. Therefore, even if you possess a spiritual power of level nine, it will be more difficult for you to upgrade your spiritual power to level ten as compared to other people. Besides that, your body has a major flaw which is that it cannot practice the arts of immortality. It means that you have a normal lifespan just like any ordinary human. However, you will be able to retain the same appearance until you die" Di Fuyi started to explain.

Mo Zhao's face changed slightly. At first, he did not care about what Di Fuyi had said as he had not mentioned anything about his hidden illness. However, he started to feel unhappy after he had listened to what Di Fuyi had just said.

How could there still be another fatal flaw even after being castrated? Long Fan never told him about this! Was it true or was Di Fuyi trying to hoodwink him?

"What else?" Mo Zhao continued t