The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152: Infidelity

Finally, Di Fuyi had confirmed the hidden illness that Mo Zhao spoke about. He said, "Creating a clone is like practicing how to disintegrate a demon. It can help to upgrade your spiritual power in a short period, but at the same time, it breaks the spiritual power conservation law. Your energy would be depleted very quickly. Though your body looks like it is 20 years old, it has used up all of its potential for the next 20 years. There is no potential that your body can build on anymore. Your body will be drained of all its power and would wither away in less than ten years. If you don't believe me, you can press on the spot one inch away from your underarm…"

Mo Zhao's face changed. Even though he did not want to believe him, Di Fuyi's reasoning was quite logical. He tried pressing on the point that Di Fuyi had mentioned and felt an unusual feeling. He felt numb and noticed a swelling on his body. It was precisely what Di Fuyi had described.

Mo Zhao could claim that Di Fuyi was lucky if the symptoms he had only matched one of Di Fuyi's descriptions. However, he realized that all the symptoms he had were as described by Di Fuyi.

Mo Zhao's fingers trembled slightly. He looked at Di Fuyi and spoke, "You have not told me exactly what my hidden illness is."

Di Fuyi sighed. "The other hidden illness is not a big deal as compared to this one."

Mo Zhao was speechless.

Just as he was about to ask more questions, the door was opened, and Long Fan walked into the room. "My Great Lord, he is just talking nonsense!" It would seem like Long Fan had witnessed their entire conversation from the surveillance room.

Mo Zhao stared at Long Fan.

Long Fan continued to explain, "It is normal to have that feeling when you press on the point he mentioned. The feeling is due to the intensity of the blood flow. When a certain part of your body gets stronger, the blood in that area flows faster. You would feel uncomfortable when an external force is applied. It is normal. Your body is perfectly healthy. You can use it to practice, and you will be able to reach level ten within five years. This person is trying to sever our relationship!"

Mo Zhao remained silent.

Of course, he did not believe Di Fuyi. However, he was also suspicious of what Long Fan had just said. He stared at Di Fuyi for a while.

Di Fuyi laughed. "Am I? Long Fan, you should be clear about his body's condition. Do you dare say that you have nothing to hide from him about his body?"

Long Fan's face changed slightly, and he sneered. "Of course… I have nothing to hide."

"Is it?" Di Fuyi stopped arguing with him. He gently smiled. "Alright, if that is the case then I am lying. Mo Zhao, you don't have to believe what I just told you."

Mo Zhao frowned.

Long Fan frowned too. He turned to look at Mo Zhao and asked, "My Great Lord, God knows that I am loyal to you. So do you believe him or me?"

After all, Long Fan was a mad scientist. Though he was outstanding when it came to science and logic, he had no interpersonal skills. Therefore, he would sometimes have trouble dealing with problems related to people. It would seem that Mo Zhao had asked a bad question.

Mo Zhao patted him on the shoulder. "Of course I believe you. Why would I believe my opponent?"

Long Fan felt relieved. "My Great Lord, if I claimed that I am number two in the medical field, no one would dare to claim that he is number one! If I am not able to heal you, no one would be able to either. I have come up with a new drug, do you want to try it?"

He wants me to try another new medicine? He had tried no less than ten kinds of medicines each day, but none of them worked. That part of him was still soft. Sometimes, the medicine would work for a while, but it would only sustain for about half a minute.