The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153: Infidelity (2)

Mo Zhao's wedding would be held the day after tomorrow. What was the purpose of him having the wedding with his current body condition?

Mo Zhao felt very upset, but he could not say it in front of Long Fan. Of course, he trusted Long Fan. However, what Di Fuyi noted had left an impact on him.

Before he went out of the room, Di Fuyi suddenly revealed the names of three types of herbs. "Dragon claw flower, crested grass, positive pulse fruit…"

Mo Zhao stopped in his tracks and looked at him. "What do you mean?"

Di Fuyi closed his eyes and casually answered, "I am just joking."

Mo Zhao was speechless. He grunted and walked away. However, the names of the three herbs had firmly been embedded in his mind. As soon as he got back to his room, he tested Long Fan's medicine first. The result made him cry again.

After being disappointed over and over again, he was getting numb with the results he yielded. He comforted Long Fan and thanked him for his efforts, but after Long Fan had left the room, he called one of his subordinates to his room. This subordinate was also quite knowledgeable in the field of medicine, but he was not as good as Long Fan.

Mo Zhao asked him about the function of the three herbs. The subordinate immediately answered, "My Great Lord, these three herbs are very rare. They can transform a person's bone marrow to help them improve their body…"

Mo Zhao said, "That's it?"

The subordinate continued to speak, "However, I have heard about the very rare effect of these herbs. If you eat the herbs individually, you will notice the effect that I have just mentioned. However, if they are mixed, they can heal impotence…"

Mo Zhao remained silent.

He did not want to believe Di Fuyi as he had always trusted Long Fan and did not want to suspect him. However, these recent events had triggered his doubt about him gradually.

Earlier, Long Fan had casually answered him when he had asked him about the three herbs, but Long Fan had failed to inform him about the herbs function of healing impotence.

He remained silent. Mo Zhao secretly ordered the subordinate to bring along a few people and collect the three herbs for him.

Though these three herbs were rare, coincidentally, they could be found on the nearby mountain not far away from the underground palace. However, there were a lot of beasts living on the mountain, so people rarely visited it.

His subordinate had a spiritual power of level seven, so it was not a big issue for him to bring along a few more people and collect the herbs for him.

However, he chose not to discuss his plans with Long Fan. When Long Fan saw the subordinate leaving together with a few more people from the surveillance room, he sent people to stop them.

Both parties claimed that they were acting according to the order from the higher-ups, and no one wanted to give in.

The subordinate who had medical knowledge claimed that he had been ordered by The Great Lord to go out while the other party claimed that they had been ordered by Elder Long to prevent anyone from leaving without his permission.

Everyone was very frustrated with staying in this dull place. Therefore, when there was such an occasion that triggered their anger, they would fight to release their anger.

While they were fighting, they had attracted the attention of their masters

Before they arrived at the area where the commotion was taking place, they heard the subordinate who had medical knowledge screaming, "The Great Lord is the most powerful person in this place! Even Elder Long would have to follow his instruction. I have been assigned by The Great Lord to go out and complete some of his tasks. How can you prevent us from leaving? Do you not have any respect for The Great Lord?"

One of the people on Long Fan's side sneered. "Of course, The Great Lord is the most powerful person here. However, we pledge our loyalty only to Elder Long! The Great Lord has never cared about our lives!"