The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154: Infidelity (3)

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"The Great Lord has never cared about our lives, but Elder Long always prioritizes us! After all, there are more than 300 people in this underground palace. If someone from outside attacked us, it would be a serious matter"

The man who spoke was, in fact, one of the hostages that were caught by Di Fuyi during that time. The others agreed with him. "Yes, he is right. Even though it is convenient for us to leave, we would be forced to go through the investigation process again when we return. We might be locked in the dark room for a few days..."

"Don't go about mentioning about The Great Lord. The Lord has never cared about this place from the beginning. Most of the people here obey Elder Long, so we would still need to listen to Elder Long."

Everyone continued fighting, and soon enough the place became very crowded.

Long Fan's facial expression changed. He arrived at the scene and remarked, "Shut up! What kind of nonsense are you blabbing about?!"