The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154: Infidelity (3)

"The Great Lord has never cared about our lives, but Elder Long always prioritizes us! After all, there are more than 300 people in this underground palace. If someone from outside attacked us, it would be a serious matter…"

The man who spoke was, in fact, one of the hostages that were caught by Di Fuyi during that time. The others agreed with him. "Yes, he is right. Even though it is convenient for us to leave, we would be forced to go through the investigation process again when we return. We might be locked in the dark room for a few days..."

"Don't go about mentioning about The Great Lord. The Lord has never cared about this place from the beginning. Most of the people here obey Elder Long, so we would still need to listen to Elder Long."

Everyone continued fighting, and soon enough the place became very crowded.

Long Fan's facial expression changed. He arrived at the scene and remarked, "Shut up! What kind of nonsense are you blabbing about?!"

After that, he quickly headed to a nearby area and bowed. "My Great Lord!"

Mo Zhao walked out from behind a pillar. Both parties seized fighting as soon as they saw both of the respected men.

Mo Zhao sneered. "It seems like my order is not as powerful as Elder Long's." Though he said it with a smile, his eyes showed anger.

Long Fan remained silent. He did not dare to say anything at this moment and continued to apologize to Mo Zhao. At the same time, he asked his people to allow Mo Zhao's subordinates to leave and scolded the aides who had complained about The Great Lord. He even punished them by hitting them 80 times with an iron rod.

Mo Zhao did not say anything and quietly observed Long Fan.

After Long Fan had finished punishing his subordinates, Mo Zhao stared at the two individuals who had complained about him. "Elder Long, you are too good-hearted. If they betray me one day, I am afraid that Elder Long will not kill them."

He implied that the punishment Long Fan had given his subordinates was too light. Long Fan felt helpless, and so he killed the two aides as a warning to others.

Mo Zhao gently smiled. He patted Long Fan on his shoulder and praised him, "Long Fan, I knew that you are my most loyal follower."

He then stared at the subordinates who were about to be executed and gently said, "How dare you talk about Elder Long and me. You are suspected of trying to sever our relationship. It would be too easy for them to die like this…"

He waved his sleeve and launched several rays of colorful light in their direction. The bright light surrounded the few people who had been tied up. The sound of people screaming in agony could be heard from within the light, and soon after that, blood splattered out in all directions. Several shadows were also seen leaving from within the light.

The shadows were, in fact, the souls of the individuals that Mo Zhao had executed. Mo Zhao waved his sleeve again, and the shadows immediately disappeared.

Mo Zhao's action had frightened everyone at the scene. Subconsciously they moved a few steps backward. Mo Zhao turned around and stared at Long Fan who now looked pale. "Elder Long, do you have any objections regarding the way I handled them?"

Long Fan did not dare to give his opinion. He could only agree with him and said that it was a fair process.

Mo Zhao glanced through the crowd, and asked, "Have you all finally recognized who is the true master of this palace?"

"My Great Lord!"

"Of course it is you!" Countless people replied.

Mo Zhao only left once he was satisfied with their replies.

Long Fan felt disappointed as he saw Mo Zhao leaving. At first, he had wanted to ask Mo Zhao about his intentions for sending the few people out. However, he could not ask him anymore.

It frightened his master when someone else held a high authority. It was the case for Long Fan now.

Mo Zhao had spent so many years in the palace. He had learned all the cruel methods to manage his subordinates from Emperor Xuan and had now applied it in front of him.

However, Mo Zhao would not do anything to him since he still needed him.