The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155: Infidelity (4)

Things may not be so rosy once The Great Lord had completed his mission. He might not even appreciate all the subordinates who had helped him conquer the world. In fact, when the time came, he might eliminate every one of them, including Long Fan.

Long Fan was in a solemn mood. He glanced through the crowd and pondered about the situation that just occurred. He had guided most of the people here since day one, and so it was expected that they would follow his orders over Mo Zhao's.

Though they did not express their feelings directly, he knew that they were extremely indignant towards Mo Zhao's earlier actions. 

"Elder Long…" One of them looked at him with reddish eyes. "They did not betray…"

Long Fan waved his hand. "This is the price they have to pay for humiliating The Great Lord. They deserved it. Well, now that the matter has been resolved, you are all dismissed. Long Fan then turned and left.

This area was filled with surveillance cameras, so Mo Zhao might still be monitoring from the surveillance room. Hence, Long Fan made sure to maintain his composure. Even though, deep down inside his heart, he felt regretful to have installed so many cameras.

No one in their right mind would dare to express their anger at The Great Lord under the monitoring of these many 'eyes'. No one even dared to complain. At first, the cameras had been installed as part of the preparations in the events of an enemy invasion so that they could detect and respond timely. However, it has turned out to be such a burden that even one's facial expression was inhibited. 

The crowd dismissed with grief.

Nonetheless, several cameras started to spoil in the underground palace after the event. As these cameras were made from flimsy materials, they were easily destroyed.

Though everything looked calm on the surface, a storm was secretly brewing.


Long Fan was busy trying to refine the medicine that he had prescribed to Mo Zhao. As he was in a bad mood, there were several times where he had made mistakes. Hence, he decided to stop. He then reflected for a moment before heading to the surveillance room to check on Di Fuyi's condition.

Di Fuyi was still sleeping, and there was nothing unusual.

"Long Fan, what are you looking at?" Mo Zhao suddenly appeared behind him.

He turned around and bowed. Mo Zhao waved his hands to indicate that he did not need to be so formal. He stared at the monitor and sighed. "Long Fan, I think there are too many things in your room that are distracting you…"

Long Fan was slightly disappointed. "What do you mean?"

"I think we only need two surveillance rooms, one at my place and another one outside. I think you should focus on searching for the cure and remove the monitors in your room."

Long Fan remained silent.

When a master started to suspect one's loyalty, one shall not disobey his instructions. Therefore, even though Long Fan was not willing to do so, he reluctantly demolished the monitors and equipment to eliminate Mo Zhao's suspicion of him. 

Mo Zhao patted his shoulder contentedly and went out after he had praised him for his obedience. Long Fan sat in the room that was full of mess. Suddenly, he felt that his loyalty seemed to be a joke. Would he be able to regain his master's confidence?


Di Fuyi fell into a deep sleep after Mo Zhao and Elder Long had left. In fact, his soul had left his body to go and revisit Gu Xijiu. Whenever he would do so, he would be sure to leave a part of his soul in his body so that his body could still breathe. It merely looked like he had fallen asleep.

The Spiritual Chain was an ancient artifact owned by a devil. Once someone was chained, they would not be able to get rid of the lock even if they were a god. The soul of the god would suffer inside the body too.

When Di Fuyi was first chained here, he needed a couple of days to adapt to his situation. He only started leaving his body through his soul once he was confident that he would survive.