The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156: Infidelity (5)

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Sadly, Di Fuyi had been forced to leave Gu Xijiu's dream and return to his body due to Mo Zhao's earlier interruption. He was worried that Gu Xiju would be afraid and lost in herdream. Therefore, once Mo Zhao had left, he immediately left his body to find her as he wanted to enter her dream to guide her.

Over the past few days, he had been patiently guiding her to find her memories. He tried not to push her too hard to minimize the impact that was affecting her, especially the sharp pains in her head. Otherwise, it would be harmful to her body. Besides that, he also tried very hard to stay on her good side.

After all, she had lost her memory this time around. If Di Fuyi told her too much, she might have ended up revealing their secrets to Mo Zhao during their conversations. Therefore he had been quietly doing it step by step.

Moreover, even though Gu Xijiu had lost her memory, she was smart enough not to tell anyone about her meetings with Di Fuyi in her dreams. S