The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157: Infidelity (6)

Di Fuyi immediately answered, "Yes."

Therefore Gu Xijiu brought the porridges over to him. When she walked closer, she suddenly held her breath and bit her lips.

Di Fuyi knew that she smelled the so-called 'salted fish smell' from him. He thought that she would run away. However, after Gu Xijiu paused for a moment, she continued forward and placed the two bowls in front of him, "Dig in."

Di Fuyi wanted her to feed him. However, he did not want her to suffer from the bad smell, so he gave up on this thought. It was better if he did not flirt with her at this moment.

He used his hand which was half-freed to pick up the bowl and ate the porridge. The porridge tasted very good, but mainly because Gu Xijiu had served it.

In fact, he did not need to eat any food as his level of spiritual power was enough to sustain him. Therefore, he would not feel hungry at all starvedHe was also pretending to be tired. Nonetheless, it was excruciating to be bounded by the Spiritual Chain!

Somehow Gu Xijiu felt very satisfied when she saw him eating the porridge so happily.

"You have not been eating anything, right?" She could not help but ask.

Di Fuyi nodded as his mouth was too busy eating. Over the past six to seven days, he had only managed to extort a bowl of lotus porridge from Mo Zhao. The portion was not even enough to fill up the gaps between his teeth, so he did not consider it as a meal.

Though Gu Xijiu did not want to interrupt his meal, she eagerly wanted to chat with him. "Have you just been sleeping lately?"

"Yes, I am too bored." Di Fuyi finally replied her.

"Did you…" She was about to ask if he had dreamt about her but she was interrupted by Di Fuyi, "Xijiu, I have finished this bowl of porridge. Can you pass the other one to me? I cannot reach it…"

The room had been installed with multiple cameras. Therefore, he did not want to allow Gu Xijiu to ask him about the dream as Mo Zhao and Long Fan might be monitoring him secretly. Hence, he quickly changed the subject. Fortunately, Gu Xijiu handed over the other bowl to him without asking any further.

Before she could ask any more questions, Di Fuyi spoke first, "Even though the reality is cruel, I can still create beautiful dreams when I fall asleep. I have been having a couple of nice dreams lately. I have dreamt about traveling to the outskirts, drinking with my friends, and even about fighting with my enemies…"

He mentioned a few different dreams, but none of them was the one she was hoping to hear. When he stopped talking, she could not help but ask, "Is that all? Have you missed out on anything else?"

Di Fuyi shook his head. "Of course not, I can remember the details about my dreams very clearly, so it's impossible for me to be wrong. Uh, what did you want to ask me just now?"

Gu Xijiu looked a bit disappointed. She shook her head. "Nothing."

It was her secret. It was a secret between her and the Di Fuyi in her dream. She did not want to share it with anyone else, not even to the real Di Fuyi.

While Di Fuyi was eating his porridge, Gu Xijiu tried analyzing the Spiritual Chain that was chaining him. She even touched the chain with her hand.

She was not happy to see the chain on Di Fuyi, and so she wanted to help him get rid of the chains. However, the Spiritual Chain seemed to be an extremely complicated artifact. Strangely enough, she had a feeling that she was able to unlock it but it would take some effort.

Di Fuyi's body was all bloody. Gu Xijiu could see the deep wounds on his arms, and her heart ached. Oddly enough, she had seen Mo Zhao kill people several times already, but she felt nothing for them. However, when she saw Di Fuyi's wounds, her heart ached inexplicably.