The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158: Suspicion

Mo Zhao decided to borrow an alchemy furnace from Long Fan to increase the probability of the pill formation. However, he did not want to let Long Fan know about his plan, and so he claimed that he just wanted to see the furnace and maybe try to learn how to use it later on.

Long Fan was still upset with him, so he temporarily did not want to have anything to do with Mo Zhao. Nevertheless, he did not dare to disobey Mo Zhao, and so he handed over the grade nine alchemy furnace to Mo Zhao without any delay.

Mo Zhao was also mad with Long Fan and blamed him for creating an impotent body. He could not understand why Long Fan was refusing to make the antidote for him when even his junior physician knew about the Sanyang Pill.

He did not believe that Long Fan did not know about the alchemy method to produce the Sanyang Pill! Even though the Sanyang Pill was supposedly effective, Long Fan had chosen to make all kinds of rubbish for him to try instead.

Mo Zhao handed over the high-quality alchemy furnace to Doctor Li who had been very 'loyal' to him recently. Doctor Li immediately thanked him and began to create the pill.

For safety purposes, Mo Zhao was inspecting while Doctor Li made the pill. It took quite a long time for the medicine to be prepared, and so Mo Zhao chit chatted with Doctor Li when he was not busy. Doctor Li was an introverted person. Hence, he only answered briefly out of respect.

Based on their conversation, Mo Zhao got to know that Doctor Li was initially one of the disciples of the Tianwen clan and so he had a bright future. However, he was kicked out from the tribe for accidentally killing his senior disciple, and ended up wandering around aimlessly.

Long Fan later recruited him but only assigned him with a specific job. He was only allowed him to handle mediocre chores. However, he had contributed to Long Fan's cause when he assisted him to create the zombie venom.

Mo Zhao was inspired and asked, "Oh right, how did the kid manage to escape even though we had so many powerful weapons!?"

Doctor Li paused. Even though it looked like he wanted to say something, he decided to remain silent.

Mo Zhao tried to coax him. "Just say it, you have my permission."

"My Great Lord, in fact, it was a knot in my heart. All of the kids were trapped in the core of the formation, and they had almost been defeated. However, Miss Gu showed up on time, and so Elder Long lost the opportunity to kill them as he did not want to hurt Miss Gu. Furthermore, when Elder Long took possession of the puppet and 'satisfied' Yun Qingluo, he told her that he liked someone else and not her. He just wanted to manipulate Yun Qingluo. I'm afraid, the girl he likes is…"

Mo Zhao interrupted him. "Shut up! Miss Gu is his daughter, how could you arrive at that conclusion?!"

Doctor Li quickly shut his mouth and apologized. "Yes, I'm, sorry. It's probably just a father-daughter love relationship. He probably likes someone else. Perhaps, it's just a rumor…" They stopped discussing the matter, and Doctor Li did not bring up the subject anymore.

Mo Zhao did not talk about it anymore as well, but he had plenty of questions in his head. Did Long Fan like Gu Xijiu? Was that the reason why he had made him impotent? If what he thought was real, then it was possible that Long Fan had betrayed him!

It was not easy to create a fifth-grade pill as Doctor Li only managed to create one along with two third-grade pills after several attempts.

Mo Zhao was a doubtful person, and so he had his suspicions of Doctor Li as well. Therefore, he asked Doctor Li to eat one of the lower grade pills to ensure that it was safe for consumption before he the kept the remaining pills for himself. Before he left, he ordered Doctor Li to continue creating more pills.