The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159: He Could Not Let Di Fuyi Live!

"Do you want me to unlock them?" She asked. She then added, "I feel one of these is enough to restrict you. The rest of them are unnecessary. It's just too much for you…"

Di Fuyi shook his head as he answered, "I'm fine. Just leave. I need to sleep soon." He wanted her to leave right away. He could not let her take the risk as Long Fan was probably watching them in the dark!

Gu Xijiu did not know about his concern. She paused and added, "I might be able to unlock it though…"

Di Fuyi glimpsed at her. "Aren't you afraid of pissing Mo Zhao? He might be mad if you help me. He would punish you…"

Gu Xijiu was stunned for a very short moment. "He won't…" Even though she had amnesia, she was still able to reason clearly. "I know you're his captive, so I won't let you go. I feel that there are too many chains. One is sufficient…"

Di Fuyi teased her. "What makes you do this? Do you like me or are you pitying me?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She grunted before speaking, "Of course I pity you! Who would like you? I'm marrying Brother Zhao the day after tomorrow, and I'll be his bride!"

Di Fuyi closed his eyes and calmly said, "I'd let you try if you like me but if you just pity me then you should just leave!"

Gu Xijiu glared at him and ran away without saying a single word.

Di Fuyi did not open his eyes as he knew it was hurtful. However, that was what he needed to do at the moment, and that was the only way to protect her while carrying on with his plans.


It was four hours later when Mo Zhao sat in the surveillance room and watched the interactions between Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi.

Mo Zhao was always cautious of Di Fuyi. Hence, he needed to play all the videos at least once even though Di Fuyi did nothing at all the whole day. He had to make sure he did not play any tricks. However, Di Fuyi was sleeping for most of the days. In fact, it was very dull to watch the surveillance videos. Therefore, he learned to play with the fast forward mode.

After he resolved the disrespectful incident involving Long Fan's supporters, he uninstalled all the surveillance equipment from Long Fan's room. As he was watching the videos alone, he helplessly felt sleepy due to boredom. However, when he suddenly saw Gu Xijiu break into the prison to talk to Di Fuyi, he immediately awakened.

His gaze was dim as he silently watched the clip from the beginning to the end.

He was confident that Gu Xijiu still had amnesia, but it seemed like she did not hate Di Fuyi. She brought food for him and even wanted to unlock the spiritual chains for him.

Since she lost her memory, she always hated all the men except Mo Zhao! Besides that, she did not bother to talk to any man yet she treated Di Fuyi quite nicely.

Could her subconsciousness somehow still remember Di Fuyi? Perhaps if she was allowed to spend more time with Di Fuyi, they might even get back together!

Fortunately, the day after tomorrow would be their wedding day. Hence, he was not worried there would be anything between the two of them.

His fingers clenched tightly as he narrowed his eyes with an energetic aura. He could not let Di Fuyi live! He would kill him after his wedding ceremony to eliminate any risks.

His gaze returned to Gu Xijiu as he watched the video. Before she lost her memories, he had utterly offended her. Fortunately, she was a newborn individual now, so he tried his best to leave a good impression on her and did not want to punish her anymore. In fact, he did not want her to hate him. When he kills Di Fuyi, the little girl would undoubtedly love him wholeheartedly and would never look at any other man.

Mo Zhao took a glimpse at Di Fuyi again. He secretly felt happy. What could be worse than for his beloved woman to marry his mortal enemy?