The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160: Suspicion (2)

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Mo Zhao decided to consumethe third-grade pill first. After waiting for a while, he started to feel the effects of the pill and proceeded to swallow the grade five pill. After an hour, the pills effect were finally working, and he could feel a change in his body. To be specific, a tense feeling was slowly building up in the lower part of his body.

He was overjoyed, and he thought about Gu Xijiu who he had not seen for a day. He looked at the monitor, and suddenly he narrowed his eyes! Long Fan was now in Gu Xijiu's room!

He was persuading Gu Xijiu to take a pill. The pill was light blue, but it was not the Sweet Heart Pill that she needed to eat every three days. This light blue pill was something that Mo Zhao had never seen before.

The usual Sweet Heart pill had to be melted in water for Gu Xijiu to drink. Meanwhile, the medicine that was used to make Gu Xijiu lose her memory only needed to be consumed once. She did not need to take it a second time.

So wh