The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161: Could Only Depend On Him

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In fact, it was not a bad thing to Mo Zhao if Gu Xijiu still had feelings toward Di Fuyi as it would be easier for Gu Xijiu to accept it when he replaced Di Fuyi and possessedhis body. Besides that, he could also use Di Fuyi's body to have sex with her.

Mo Zhao has already targeted Di Fuyi's body. However, it was not easy for him to possess it. He needed to torture Di Fuyi's body and soul until its weakest stage before he could do so.

Unfortunately, Di Fuyi had a celestial body. Mo Zhao would have to take at least two years or above if he wanted to control the body completely. Thus, it was easy to explain why he did not feel too disturbed even though his current clone body had so many problems.

He was cautious with his intention of taking over Di Fuyi. He kept it to himself, and even Long Fan did not know about it. He gazed at his own body with a sarcastic smile. Perhaps, Long Fan created a disorder on the clone body on purpose, as he wanted Mo Zhao to rely on hi