The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163: How Close Are We?

Long Fan had diagnosed the cause of Mo Zhao's disease. He discovered that malfunctioned neurons caused his condition in that part of his body. Therefore, he had been giving Mo Zhao a kind of medicine to repair his neurons. However, it would take a significant amount of time to cure the disease.

Now, Mo Zhao was treating the Sanyang pill like it was his savior. Furthermore, he did not inform Long Fan about it and instead had asked other people to refine the medicine. It seemed like Mo Zhao did not trust Long Fan anymore which made him quite frustrated, and so he decided not to continue improving the drug for him anymore.

Anyway, even if The Great Lord did turn into a eunuch, it would not affect his spiritual power, and he could still lead them to conquer the world. Why should he be bothered since The Great Lord trusted someone else? 

Long Fan decided to stop all his research regarding Mo Zhao's disease and started studying about other drugs. 


Gu Xijiu had entered into her dream again. However, her vision was no longer foggy this time around, and she could finally see some scenery in it.

There were mountains and rivers. There were a garden and a courtyard. There was even a jungle! However, these images were like a mirage that hung in the sky. They were vague and confusing.

The worse part of it was that there were too many images around her that kept rotating like a kaleidoscope. She stood there for a moment and was unsure of where she should go.

She wondered if Di Fuyi would show up to accompany her this time. Though she had entered the dream for quite a long time, she still did not see him.

In her last dream, he had jumped into the lake and disappeared, so she did not know if he was alright. She stood there and watched. There were people in the images, and they were carrying out various activities. However, she was unable to get a clear view of them.

Which direction should she go? If all these scenes were her memories, which memory did she desire to recall the most?

She thought of Di Fuyi. Even if her memories had indeed been erased by someone else, she could tell that she had a deep feeling towards this person. What type of memory would they have of each other?

She looked at the scenes again. Suddenly, she saw Di Fuyi in one of the scenes. She immediately ran in that direction without hesitation.

She was getting closer and closer, and finally, she was able to get a clear view though it was somewhat confusing. She saw a young gentleman bid on a herb and gave it to a thin tanned youngster. After that, the image switched, and she saw the youngster catching a beautiful lady wearing a big red robe. The image switched once more, and she saw Celestial Master Zuo dressed in a purple robe. He was chasing after her and was trying to catch her so that he could run some test on her. Later on, she saw that Celestial Master Zuo had thrown her into a dark forest that was filled with beasts. 

The pieces of different images were gradually being pieced together. Gu Xijiu was a bit confused when she looked at them. Suddenly, she was stunned for a moment.

It seemed like Celestial Master Zuo had treated her quite badly! He even trapped her several times and wanted to cancel the engagement between them. Furthermore, he had cooperated with another lady to fight against her. 

Suddenly, her shoulder was being patted by someone. "Why did you not run away?"

The sound was clear, and it was very familiar.

Gu Xijiu turned back and saw that Di Fuyi was standing behind her and was smiling at her.

He had finally appeared!

Gu Xijiu had mixed feelings at that moment. She subconsciously took a step back and asked, "Have you not died from drowning yet?"

Di Fuyi was speechless. He asked in a sad tone, "Did you hope to see me die?"

Gu Xijiu suddenly felt that she was too harsh. She coughed and clarified, "Of course not… It was because you never appeared after you had jumped into the lake…"