The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164: How Close Are We? (2)

Di Fuyi smiled. "Are you worried about me?"

Gu Xijiu gave him a confused look and said, "I know that this is my dream, but it all feels so strange. Are you here in my dream? Is the Di Fuyi in prison you? Both of you don't look the same…"

"Uh, what are the differences between us?"

"You are very gentle when you talk to me, and even accompany me to walk around. The person inside the prison mistreats me even though I am nice to him…"

Di Fuyi was silent for a moment. "Perhaps he is doing this to protect you?"

Gu Xijiu was stunned. "To protect me?"

Di Fuyi nodded. "Yes."

Gu Xijiu looked at him curiously. "So are both of you the same person? Which of you is real and which is fake?"

Di Fuyi sighed. "Is it important to know who is real and who is fake? Perhaps, both of us are real."

He glanced through his surroundings and felt a bit dizzy with the scenes. This little girl has had way too many experiences, and now her memories were all scattered. However, since so many scenes had appeared in her dream, it should not take too long for her to recover. He was happy that he had not wasted his effort to come into her dream so frequently to guide her.

When her dreams were foggy, she could not differentiate the direction in which she was heading. Now when there were too many memories, she did not know where to go. She felt that regardless of which direction she went, she would be swamped.

Di Fuyi held her hand. "Where do you want to go?"

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and shook her head.

"Where do you want to go the most?" Both of them felt like they were standing in a vast space surrounded by rotated scenes.

Gu Xijiu glanced through her surroundings. She suddenly asked Di Fuyi, "Can I ask you a few questions? You have to answer me honestly."

She sounded like she was a judge with a serious face.

Di Fuyi nodded. "Ok, ask away."

"Have you ever hunted me?"

Di Fuyi was surprised for a moment. "I did chase after you, but…" However, Gu Xijiu interrupted him before he could finish his sentence, "You just have to answer yes or no."

"Alright." Di Fuyi rubbed his eyebrows, "Yes."

"Have you ever left me alone in a dark forest?"

"… Yes."

"Have you ever forced an engagement with me and then cancel it?"

"… Yes."

"Have you ever helped another lady to fight against me?"

"This… Yes."

Gu Xijiu bit her lips and stared at him. "It seems like we don't have a good relationship…"

Why was this girl only recalling the bad memories? Di Fuyi felt like crying!

Then, he asked her, "Xijiu, there were reasons why I treated you like this in the past… It is a long story. I have been treating you very well ever since that incident. Why can't you recall the memories when I was nice to you?"

Gu Xijiu sipped her lips. "When I was about to see it, you appeared behind me. I haven't seen anything good about you."

Di Fuyi rubbed his eyebrows. It seemed like he had shown up at the wrong time today. He should have come later.

Gu Xijiu looked at him like she was deep in thought.

Di Fuyi coughed and smiled at her. "Why are you looking at me like this? Has my beauty caught your attention?"

This man was indeed very thick-skinned!