The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168: Stubborn Little Girl!

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Gu Xijiu used to be a cold-blooded, ruthless killer who was always dubious of everyone. However, she was like a blank canvas ever since she had lost her memory. Though she was still a very straightforward person, she was more innocent and careless than before. Therefore, there were things that Di Fuyi could not tell her. Otherwise, Mo Zhao would find out about it very quickly.

In the end, Gu Xijiu only grilled one fish for him. There was no stewed or fried fish. Di Fuyi was speechless. He did not even realize that he had offended her. He only realized it when she had suddenly become cold towards him.

Di Fuyi did not feel like eating the fish anymore. He was more eager to help Gu Xijiu regain her memory. Hence, after he had finished eating the grilled fish, he urged her to get up as he wanted to continue their exploration.

However, Gu Xijiu was not interested anymore. "I don't want to recall my memories anymore. I think it's better if I remained like this. Please l