The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170: Insults

Gu Xijiu looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she was as beautiful as a fairy. She was pleased as the four female servants continued complimenting her.

She accepted all of their kind praises and even got up and spun around happily until the dress fluttered like a blooming flower. However, the dress was too long for her, and she accidentally stepped on its edge and crashed into a female servant as she tripped.

The servant was unaware of what had happened. Hence, both of them crashed into each other and slumped onto the floor.

The other three servants were shocked and quickly helped them to get up as they laughed. Unfortunately, the hair accessories that were on Gu Xijiu's head had gotten entangled with the other servant's hair.

Therefore, they needed to fix her messy hair again after they had removed the accessories.

Music was played as they were busy fixing Gu Xijiu's hair. Mo Zhao entered the room. There was a massive basilica in the underground palace, and it was comparable to the Jinluan Basilica in the Royal Palace. The basilica had been decorated with red and golden ribbons and displays for the wedding.

After all, Mo Zhao has been living like a prince for so many years and therefore craved to have a grand royal wedding just like any other prince back in the old days.

However, princes were usually congratulated and cheered on by their officials and citizens whenever they got married. Meanwhile, only 300 of Mo Zhao's subordinates had attended the wedding along with a foreign guest who was none other than Di Fuyi!

Di Fuyi had been arranged to sit in the basilica since early this morning. He was placed on a special chair towards the right side of the basilica, and six Spiritual Chains had been chained to his body. The Spiritual Chains were connected to the chair which had been permanently attached to the floor.

Everyone was very busy inside the basilica, and most of them would take a glimpse of him whenever they passed by him. Some of them even laughed at him.

Doctor Li who had helped Mo Zhao to make the pills seemed to be very loyal to The Great Lord recently, coupled with the hatred between him and Di Fuyi, not only did he insult Di Fuyi but he also shook the Spiritual Chain that was attached to his body. Everyone laughed as they saw sweat roll down from Di Fuyi's forehead.

Di Fuyi looked at him with a pale face, and he glared at him in return. "Di Fuyi, have you ever imagined that you would be caught in a situation like today!? Are you angry? Then stand up and fight!"

Of course, Di Fuyi could not get up and fight, so he closed his eyes to show his ignorance. Most of the people there were part of the elites in the continent. Most of them had done many evil deeds and were being hunted by others. It was the only reason why they had been recruited. Therefore, most of them would run away immediately at the sight of Di Fuyi's messengers, let alone Di Fuyi himself!

They always felt that Di Fuyi was too mighty and far from them. It was as though he was living in the clouds while they were tiny ants crawling on the ground.

However, this 'god' had now fallen into the depths of hell and could not even move. How could they miss the opportunity to insult him?

"Di Fuyi, I'm delighted to know that you're going through so much suffering here!"

"Haha! Poor thing! Look at his pale face."

"He is quite handsome though! He's prettier than most of the girls…"