The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171: Vigorous Activity

"He is quite handsome though! He's prettier than most of the girls; anyone wants to try having sex with a man? He can even help to warm your bed!"

"Oh, no thanks! Though he looks elegant, his Kung Fu is too powerful to handle! Besides, how is he going to warm my bed with the chains on his body? I don't think he can survive the vigorous activity as he would probably faint as soon as I pull the chains!"

"Haha, you're right…"

Plenty of vulgar words and insults lingered around Di Fuyi's ear.

All of these people had nothing more to do and thought that they would seek some entertainment before the arrival of the host.

Di Fuyi was too lazy to open his eyes to look at them.

The wedding song was played. However, most of the people living in the underground palace were warriors who did not know much about music.

Doctor Li had kidnaped the musician who was currently playing the music while he was out collecting herbs. She was a beautiful lady who had just entered her early 20's. Her nickname was Xixi, and she used to be the musician in one of the ecstasy clubs. When she was first kidnapped back to the palace, she could not get herself to focus on playing her music. However, she was forced to perform better after receiving a few swats from Doctor Li.

Of course, to prevent any spies from sneaking into the underground palace, she had to go through a series of investigations as well when she first arrived.

The musician only possessed a spiritual power of level three, and she just knew the basics of martial arts. To test her actual abilities, Mo Zhao had even sent someone to rape her, and she was almost unable to get up from the bed after that.

Ever since that incident, Mo Zhao had let his guard down as he knew that Di Fuyi's spy would not allow anyone to rape them even if they had intended to camouflage themselves.

Finally, someone shouted as the music was played. "It's time to welcome the arrival of the bride and the groom…"

Xixi immediately tuned the music to a higher pitch as she played the instrument. It was an excellent choice to increase the volume as it sounded more happening and cheerful.

Mo Zhao was holding part of the red silk, and the other piece of the red silk was in the hand of the bride who was wearing a Phoenix Coronet.

Mo Zhao had spent quite a lot of money on the wedding ceremony as the gown that Gu Xijiu was wearing had cost him a bomb. It was even more expensive and luxurious than the Phoenix Coronet worn by the Queen. The pearls on the tassel of Gu Xijiu's headgear were famous pearls from South China. The pearls shone as it swayed when Gu Xijiu was slowly walking out.

She had put on some makeup, and her skin looked even fairer now.

Mo Zhao was wearing a groom's robe, and he looked great in it as his body figure was almost as good as a model's. He fitted into the red robe perfectly, and he looked incredibly handsome when he smiled.

Everyone's eyes were fixated on the bride and groom as they walked out together. Meanwhile, Mo Zhao's gaze was fixated on Di Fuyi who was sitting there.

Di Fuyi opened his eyes and looked at them expressionlessly.

Mo Zhao smiled. "Celestial Master Zuo, do you have any words of blessing for us since you're the special guest of today's wedding?"

Di Fuyi looked at them and answered calmly. "You're not compatible."

Mo Zhao laughed as he lifted up his chin. "Celestial Master Zuo, are you trying to tell me that the grapes are sour just because you do not get to eat it?"