The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173: Wedding Chaos (2)

Mo Zhao had gone overboard by chaining Di Fuyi with so many chains. He went silent for a second and placed his hand on Gu Xijiu's shoulder. "Dear, you're right. Could you unlock four of the chains and leave two of them on?" A semi-transparent key appeared on his palm, and he passed it to Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu frowned. "Why me? He is so disgusting, and I'm afraid that my hand would become dirty… Furthermore, the chains look very complicated, and I'm afraid that I can't handle…"

Mo Zhao laughed. "True, true. You're the queen of the day, so it's your call!"

He then walked towards Di Fuyi with a bunch of keys hanging on his finger. Mo Zhao unlocked four of the chains but ensured that Di Fuyi's hands and legs remained locked.

However, he was still worried, and so he sealed a few of Di Fuyi's acupoints. Even his disciples that possessed a spiritual power of level nine could not unseal the acupoint.

He was also annoyed by Di Fuyi's disgusting appearance. Hence, he threw a pair of clean clothes on his body and said, "I know that you're obsessed with cleanliness, and must be very upset now with your dirty clothes. Here you go, cover yourself."

Di Fuyi was still unable to move, and he casually said, "Your clothes are the true filth, take them away!"

Mo Zhao was speechless and chose to ignore him.

He just wanted to see Di Fuyi get annoyed. The more he was annoyed, the happier he felt.

Since Di Fuyi did not want the clothes, he would leave it there.

Gu Xijiu who was observing and had an upset expression. "Hng! You're too much!" She then held onto Mo Zhao's arm and walked away. "My dearest, let's just ignore him!"

Mo Zhao was pleased that this beauty had taken the initiative to hold his arm. After all, even though Gu Xijiu often called him lovingly and was very obedient to him, she had never taken any effort to hold his hand.

There was no reason for them to hold onto the red silk anymore since they were already holding each other's hand.

Just as he was about to throw the red silk away, Gu Xijiu was clumsy enough to step on her dress and slumped onto Di Fuyi's body!

Fortunately, Mo Zhao responded quickly enough as he immediately caught hold of her. "Are you alright?"

Gu Xijiu blushed. "This dress is too long, I…" Her gown was in fact too long, and it was easy for her to trip over it if she was not careful enough. Thus, a big part of her dress was torn...

"Silly girl, watch out." Mo Zhao immediately tore off the remaining part of her dress so that she could walk properly.

Now, everything was ready.

Mo Zhao glimpsed at Di Fuyi and realized that he was gazing towards the floor as if he did not want to see them saying their vows. Though his beloved girl was going to get married, he was not her groom. How could he feel good about it? Sigh!

Meanwhile, Doctor Li was observing Di Fuyi as he stood beside him. He held a shiny blade towards Di Fuyi's back just in case he did something reckless...

Mo Zhao was finally relieved as he smiled.

The music was still playing, and it was finally time for them to start the ceremony.

The master of the ceremony shouted, "It's time to welcome the bride and the groom…"

"First, bow to the Heavens and the Earth!"