The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: Wedding Chaos (3)

"Second, kowtow to the Heavens and Earth…" Since both of them were orphans, the second kowtow should go to the Heavens and the Earth as well.

Even though Long Fan was Gu Xijiu's creator, he was Mo Zhao's subordinate, and so he would never recognize Long Fan as his elder.

Gu Xijiu kowtowed with him since the beginning. However, it seemed that her dress was still too long and the audience could not stop themselves from secretly laughing as she had almost tripped again. Even the musician could not control her laughter.

Mo Zhao was afraid that she might trip and fall again when they kowtowed. Therefore, he paid very close attention to her and was ready to catch her if she ever fell.

Perhaps, she had been consuming too many drugs as she seemed to have partially lost control over her coordination ever since she lost her memories. Mo Zhao also noticed that her condition had recently worsened. He made up his mind that he would stop giving her the drugs once they were married and he would get Long Fan speed up her recovery progress.

By that time, she would have been married to Mo Zhao even if she was fully recovered. It would be too late for her, and perhaps, she might have even gotten pregnant.

"Kowtow to your partner," The master of ceremony finally shouted.

He had shouted extraordinarily loud, and the musician was frightened and accidentally tuned the pitch higher!

Gu Xijiu and Mo Zhao were standing opposite of each other. The ceremony would be completed once they had kowtowed to each other and they would officially be husband and wife. Thus, Gu Xijiu would be deemed as Mo Zhao's wife even if they did not have sex in the future.

Mo Zhao let out a sigh of relief and kowtowed as soon as the master of the ceremony had shouted. Suddenly, he felt a chronic pain in his kneecap as though he had been stung by a bee! He almost fell!

Gu Xijiu who stood opposite of him quickly stretched out her hand to catch him. However, she was clumsy and panicked. Hence, she tripped again and slumped directly into Mo Zhao's arms.

Coincidentally, Mo Zhao's knee felt painful and numb, so he subconsciously took a few steps back before he could stabilize himself. Suddenly, he felt that his heart was painful as though a long nail had pierced through it.

He quickly opened his eyes and launched an attack towards the girl in his arms!

He was the Omen, and so it was normal for him to be ruthless when he had been tricked. Gu Xijiu would have turned into a mashed burger if he had managed to hit her.

"Pakkk!" Someone flashed across in an instant towards him and blocked his attack!

Both of their palms met each other. It felt like thunder had stricken their surroundings as both of the attacks that had collided were equally powerful. Everyone immediately felt a buzzing sound in their ears...

Meanwhile not only were Mo Zhao's ears buzzing, his palm felt painful as his opponent had secretly attacked him with something sharp and it had drilled into his palm!

The worst thing was that Gu Xijiu, who was still in his arms, had also launched an attack at the same time and it had hit him directly on the chest where he had been stabbed earlier!

He blacked out for a while as the pain was too much for him to handle and retreated a few steps backward.

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu quickly struggled out from his arms right after she had attacked him and immediately retreated a few steps backward.

Everything had happened so suddenly that none of the audience had managed to react... By the time everyone had processed what had just happened, it was over.

Gu Xijiu was standing somewhere nearby with her red gown.

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi, who had initially been chained to the chair, was standing in front of her, and he was scolding her. "That was too risky!"

Gu Xijiu gave him a sweet smile. "No pain no gain. How was I going to attack him if I did not take the risk?"