The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: Wedding Chaos (3)

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"Second, kowtow to the Heavens and Earth" Since both of them were orphans, the second kowtow should go to the Heavens and the Earth as well.

Even though Long Fan was Gu Xijiu's creator, he was Mo Zhao's subordinate, and so he would never recognize Long Fan as his elder.

Gu Xijiu kowtowed with him since the beginning. However, it seemed that her dress was still too long and the audience could not stop themselves from secretly laughing as she had almost tripped again. Even the musician could not control her laughter.

Mo Zhao was afraid that she might trip and fall again when they kowtowed. Therefore, he paid very close attention to her and was ready to catch her if she ever fell.

Perhaps, she had been consuming too many drugs as she seemed to have partially lost control over her coordination ever since she lost her memories. Mo Zhao also noticed that her condition had recently worsened. He made up his mind that he would stop giving her the drugs once they were